Friend Mentors

As a member of the MLK program, you will have the opportunity to receive two mentors.

  • Your first mentor will be a FRIEND (Furthering Relationships In Every New Direction)  Mentor. Your FRIEND will be an upperclass MLK student who will work with you your entire first year here at Shippensburg. You will meet him or her at the Extended Orientation Program, and they will “show you the ropes” from a student’s point of view. You can contact your FRIEND Mentor for any reason. If you need help on a test, or if you are having a problem with the girl or guy you met last week, or if you just need someone to talk to, your FRIEND will be there to listen and help out.
  • You may also choose to receive a faculty or staff mentor through the Thurgood Marshall Mentoring Program (TMMP). This adult mentor will provide you with support in your personal, social, and intellectual development.
  • Both your FRIEND and TMMP mentors are here to make your experience at Shippensburg the best that it can be!