Miller Analogies Test

The Miller Analogies Test is offered at Shippensburg University by appointment only. The MAT test is a computer-based test and is taken at a cost of $85.00. To schedule a MAT Test, please use this link.

On the test date, please bring a money order payable to Shippensburg University and 2 forms of identification. Acceptable forms of identification are listed below:

Acceptable Primary Form of Identification (Please Bring 1):

  • Driver's license
  • Government-issued identification card or passport

Acceptable Secondary Form of Identification (Please Bring 1):

  • Credit Card
  • Library Card

For information about the test itself, visit the test author's website.

If you need accommodations, please visit the Pearson website. Your licensed professional must request accommodations for you using this form, which should be sent to Shippensburg University.