Counseling and College Student Personnel Department

Shippensburg University is proud to have one of the oldest established counseling programs in the nation.

Dr. Todd Whitman talking to counseling students

As society has become more complex and the tasks of living more demanding, people in need of assistance have come to rely upon trained specialists who are better able to facilitate the search for self-sufficiency. The complex stresses of today demand that helpers be specialized and highly trained.

The Department of Counseling and College Student Personnel teaches the skills necessary for the professional practice of counseling and student personnel work. With our emphasis on the personal growth, we encourage each student to develop knowledge, awareness, and skills that will enhance and facilitate the helping process. Our program also facilitates the conceptualization of a professional role, which is not only relevant for the present, but also flexible enough to grow, as new knowledge is gained and professional developments occurs.

Graduates of our program have been very successful in finding employment consistent with their training and preparation. Those studying school and college counseling have successfully obtained positions in elementary and secondary schools as well as in major universities in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and many other locations throughout the country. Our mental health counseling graduates work in a wide array of community mental health agencies, group homes, service agencies, hospitals, crisis units, and private practice. Our college student personnel graduates fill positions across the country in higher education.