Traditional Residence Halls

McLean Hall

In traditional residence halls, all rooms are double occupancy and you share a community bathroom with other students on your floor. You will be provided a bed, dresser, desk, and closet.

Halls are coed by wing and include laundry facilities, study rooms, common kitchens, and television lounges. They offer sports equipment, games, a microwave, and DVD player for use.

Sizes and Furnishings

  • Closets and dressers are built-in; the desks with chairs and beds are portable
  • Beds are standard twin size and can be bunked
  • Bed height from the floor can be adjusted between 8 and 30"
  • Venetian blinds are provided
  • Window size is 5'H x 7'W
 (curtain rods are not provided)
  • Desk - 30"H x 48"W x 24"D
  • Bed - 34"H x 39"W x 80"D
  • Closet - 95"H x 47"W x 29.5"D
  • Dresser - 42"H x 24"W x 24"D
  • Window - 72"W
  • Curtain Rod - 80"L

Located near Reisner Dining Hall and the Franklin Science Center, McLean Hall is a five-story traditional residence hall built in 1967.

Available here soon

Mclean Hall

Traditional residence halls are available to select as a preference in the MyHousing area of the myShip portal. Due to overall housing occupancy and availability, traditional housing may not be available or guaranteed. It's common that your roommate and others living on your hall become the closest friends for life.

Single rooms in the traditional hall may be requested by current students, incoming freshman, and incoming transfer students after opening as space permits. 

You can use MyCollegeRoomie to look for roommates.  You can enter the information in the MyHousing portal under Roommate/Room Selection.  If you are unable to enter a roommate you can email your request to  If you do not request a roommate one will be assigned.  The university reserves the right to consolidate students who have vacancies in their rooms.

Students apply by completing the preference in the MyHousing portal under update information.  If it is offered in a room selection process you can also select it there under the room selection tab.

You and your future roommate use the MyHousing Portal via MyShip to request a room in the traditional hall in the living preference tab.

Rooms start at $2,650 per student per semester in 2019-20 in traditional residence halls. For more information, please see the pages for individual halls.