On-Campus Student Employment

Welcome to On-Campus Student Employment at Shippensburg University! There are a variety of on-campus employment positions available for students of all levels including work study positions (based on financial need). The information on this page will give you the step-by-step directions on how to find and apply for on-campus student employment.

All on campus student employment and federal work study positions are posted through SHIP Career Connection. Departments and offices post the positions as needed, usually around the start of the semester, and these postings are approved by the CMPDC. Be sure to pay close attention to the application requirements, as some departments require documents beyond the application.

Positions that are open to just federal work study will say “federal work study” in the job title, while jobs open to all students will include “on-campus student employer or federal work study” in the title. Only those students who have received federal work study as a part of their financial aid package will be qualified for these positions.

Please note, if you are looking for a Graduate Assistantship or a Student Payroll Position (SPP), please refer to the Graduate Assistantship webpage.

Student Employment Application

Before you begin looking for a position, you must first fill out the Student Employment Application. This document will serve as the single application you will need to apply to all on-campus student employment positions. Once you have completed the Student Employment Application, you can then use it to apply to open positions on SHIP Career Connection, our online job board.

Please download the Student Employment Application, save it to your computer, fill it out in its entirety, and then save it to your computer or drive. Follow the steps below to upload your completed application to our online job board, SHIP Career Connection.


You will need a resume to apply to on-campus student employment jobs. If you have never written a resume before, don’t panic! We have several services and resources available to help you. Please use the handouts here under “Resumes & Job Search Tools” to develop a draft of your resume. Once you’ve started the resume, you can come into the CMPDC for a resume review appointment and we can assist you with making your resume work-ready. Please call 717-477-1484 to schedule an appointment.

Uploading Documents

Once you have completed the Student Employment Application and your resume, please log in to SHIP Career Connection here using your SHIP ID and password, and follow the directions below to upload your documents.

Upload your Resume:

• Click “My Documents” tab, then “View My Documents”

• Click “Add New” button

• Label: Type name for your document

• Document Type: Select "Resume"

• Click “Browse” to locate and upload your file

• Click “Submit” button

Upload Completed Student Employment Application:

• Click “My Documents” tab, then “View My Documents”

• Click “Add New” button

• Label: Title of the document you are uploading

• Select “Student Employment Application”

• Click “Browse” to select your completed student employment application from your computer

• Click “Submit” button

Upload any other documents:

• Click “My Documents” tab, then “View My Documents”

• Click “Add New” button

• Label: Title of the document you are uploading

• Select the category that best fits your document: transcript, cover letter, etc. Please choose "other" for an application addendum. 

• Click “Browse” to select your completed document from your computer

• Click “Submit” button

Finding an On-Campus Job and How to Apply

Once you’ve uploaded your resume and Student Employment Application in SHIP Career Connection, click on “On Campus Student Employment” under “Jobs” on the left-hand navigation menu. There you will see all the current on-campus student employment position openings. When you find the position you want to apply to, please do the following:

Apply to Position:

• Click “Apply” button (in the upper-right hand corner of the job posting)

• Select Student Employment Application to attach

• Select resume to attach (if you have uploaded multiple resumes)

• Click “Submit”

For some positions, additional documents may be needed to apply, including application addendums, transcripts, cover letters, writing samples, etc. Please follow the directions above to upload these documents in the categories they belong (i.e. transcript, cover letter, or writing sample). If you have a document that does not fit those categories, including the application addendum, please upload as the category “other.” See the step-by-step directions to upload documents above.

Financial Aid

Some positions will be designated as “work study” which is a program based on financial need and operated from the Financial Aid Office.

To determine if you have received federal work study funds, log in to your myShip portal, click on "student," then "paying for college," then "financial aid award," and then select the current academic year (i.e. 2019-2020). To see your award for the current academic year, click on the tab labeled "award offered." There you should see what funds you have available. If you have questions about your aid package, please contact the Financial Aid Office: (717) 477-1131 or finaid@ship.edu.

Hiring Process and HR Paperwork

Once you have applied for and have been hired for the position the next step is for you to complete the entire student payroll packet. The three background check documents must be completed; you are hired provisionally for 90 days and if not compliant, you may be separated from the position. You must be in compliance of the PASSHE Board of Governors Policy and PA Act 153, protection of minors’ policies and you must provide the required documents: Current Photo ID and Social Security Card- this is specifically for payroll- and a voided check or statement from your financial institution listing your name, account and routing numbers for direct deposit. In order to meet I-9 compliance requirements (Employment Eligibility), please review the list of acceptable documents.

All documents need to be presented together to avoid delays in processing and verification. You cannot work until all paperwork and required documents are submitted and approved by the HR/Payroll office. When all documents are received the checklist will be scanned and e-mailed to the department timekeeper with the HR representative’s signature approving your eligibility to begin working.

Students are not permitted to work during times they are scheduled to be in class.

If you are already an active student employee in the payroll system and you are being hired for an additional and or new position and your background checks are completed; you may only need a Work Authorization form and possibly a current calendar year LST Exemption form if you qualify. You will know the status of your background checks and will receive an e-mail from Kim Shaffer once all clearances are received.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my student employment application is saving blank or not saving my information?

If your student employment application is saving blank, please make sure you are first downloading and saving the document in Adobe, THEN filling it out. If you fill out the document in a web browser, your answers will not save. If you are still struggling with the application, please print it, fill it out, scan it, and upload the document as a PDF in your “My Documents” in SHIP Career Connection. You can also call the Career, Mentoring, and Professional Development Center with any concerns: 717-477-1484 or email us at career@ship.edu. Alternatively, you can stop by our office in-person with any questions you have or if you need to print out the application. We are located in the Ceddia Union Building (CUB) 108.

When I try to upload my student employment application and/or resume, it says my documents are too large. What should I do?

Please email your documents to career@ship.edu and we will upload them to your account. You will still need to follow the steps above to “apply” to the positions you want.

Can I turn in a paper copy of the application to the department I want to work in?

No, you will need to have the file uploaded in our system to stay compliant with PA State Law.

I haven’t heard back from any of the positions I applied for. What should I do?

If you haven’t heard back from your applications, and it has been longer than two weeks since you applied, you can reach out to the department directly and ask about the status of their search process. If you are struggling with finding a job, please make an appointment to come into our office so we can assist you. Call 717-477-1484 to schedule an appointment.

Do I need to fill out a separate student employment application for each job I apply to?

No, the same student employment application can be used for each job you apply to. However, some jobs require an “application addendum” with additional information they are seeking specific to that job. You will need to fill out and upload BOTH the student employment application and the application addendum. See the instructions above for more details. 

This job has two applications- one is the student employment application and one is called an addendum application. Do I have to fill out both? How do I upload the addendum application?

Yes, you will need to fill out, save, and upload both documents to apply to the position. Please follow the steps above under “Uploading Documents.”