COVID-19 Student Organization Guidelines

  • To meet in person, all participants must be able to provide proof of a COVID-19 test conducted within the week prior to the meeting.
  • reservation must be made and approved through the EMS reservation system.  Please visit: to browse for space, room capacities and facility request. 
  • Once confirmation: “Create Event”on the Campus Groups (ShipLink) platform.
  • Attendance is tracked with the event reservation supporting our mitigation protocols. For more information about tracking attendance:
  • For programs and events with larger numbers, process attendees at the entrance with wristbands, tally counters, or individual tally sheets in helping keep count. If you use wristbands they should be separated, and individuals will need to place on themselves.
  • Any groups interested in providing food or drinks must do so by only using individually pre-wrapped items. The use of food should be limited.
  • In-Person Programming is limited to the campus community only. Indoor CUB and outdoor spaces are available. Space for in-person programming may still be limited with the COVID-19 room capacitiesView room availability/capacities at when making a reservation.
  • Any programming events that include members outside of the campus community (i.e. family, greater Shippensburg community and other schools) should be virtual.
  • Fundraisers, both on and off campus, must follow strict COVID-19 guidelines. Fundraising permit applications must be completed and approved by the SGA Administrative Assistant and SGA Vice President of Student Groups. Please email Lisa Laughlin, for the application and questions. 
  • Non-essential travel is not permitted at this time, which includes but is not limited to conferences, workshops, trainings, events, retreats, practices, and tournaments.  Organizations requesting university-sponsored travel may submit a request by email  to Emily Javitt ( or Mike Duignan, (Information should include time, date, location, duration, list of attendants, transportation and purpose).

Infrequent meetings of fewer than 10 people (depending on location) may be exempt from the R3 program. Please contact the SU COVID office at or call our office at (717)477-1007 for specifics. (Groups of 10 or less must follow room capacity limits, social distancing and mask wearing. Room capacities can be found in EMS when booking a room or connect with administrator for the building.