a Journal of  Ideas Humor and Culture
Volume 23 Spring 2006 Number 1



vii  Introduction -- Cynthia A. Botteron and Richard Zumkhawala-Cook

1  Suppose Everything Lasted like Electrolux: Hybridity and Resistance in Viet Nam -- Charles Waugh

7  Insular Utopias and Religious Neuroses:  Hybridity Anxiety in Zadie Smith's White Teeth -- Elaine Childs

13  The Costs of Going Global: The Cases of Shanghai and Bangkok -- Robert W. Duff and Lawrence K. Hong

22  Globalization and Higher Education: Challenge or Peril? -- Robert H. Craig

29  All about the Bean: The Globalization and International Trade of Coffea -- David C. Johnson

34  Ezra Pound’s Seven Lakes -- Jianqing Zheng

35  Is Neo-Liberalism Bad for Women? -- Nandini Deo