a Journal of  Ideas Humor and Culture
Volume 26 Spring 2009 Number 1

Water and Our World


1  Introduction -- Joseph Zume

4  Chyauster

5  Message in a Bottle -- Charles Fishman

12  King Arthur's Leet

13  The Residential Urban Landscape as a Frontier for Water Conservation -- Rolston St. Hilaire

17  Walking Into the Ocean As the Ocean Arrives at Cape May -- Herb Perkins-Frederick

18  Merlin's Cave at Tintagel

19  Georgia's Water Future:  Evolving toward Sustainability -- Gail Cowie, Leigh Askew, and Courtney Tobin

25  The Moonpath, Of Sleep, Pillars Underground -- Pam Perkins-Frederick

28  Fishing Village

29  Irrigation Systems and Values. Understanding the process of self governing water resources in Northern Italy -- Beatrice Marelli

36  Notes of a Zahorí (Water diviner) -- Linda C. Ehrlich

37  Winters in Salmon Country: The Nez Perc Tribe’s Instream Flow Clam -- Mark D. Solomon 

44  Land's End

45  The “Life-giving Spring”: Water in Greek Religion, Ancient and Modern, a Comparison -- Evy Johanne Håland

55  Liquid Leviathan -- David Lee Keiser

56  Tintagel Doorway

57  Competitive Structure of the Global Design, Build, and Operate (DBO) Water Supply Industry -- Edward Pitingolo

65  Flying over four rivers in Maine -- Mary Kate Azcuy

66  Anenomies

67  Photography -- Margaret Evans