a Journal of  Ideas Humor and Culture
Volume 27 Spring 2011 Number 1

Building and Strengthening Communities and Social Networks


1  Editor's Notes:  Building Communities -- Laurie J.C. Cella

5  Editor's Notes:  Exploring Social Networks -- Richard A. Knight

7  News Talks:  Critical Service-Learning for Social Change -- Spoma Jovanovic, Dan DeGooyer, Jr., and David Reno

23  Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue:  Lessons Learned During a Service-Learning Experience in the Gulf Coast -- Sean R. Cornell and Veronica Woodlief

29  Trading Time for Time Dollars:  The Potential of Time Banking as a Community Building Tool -- Chad M. Kimmel

37  From Pathways to Portals:  Getting to the Root of a Public Housing Community -- Nicola Mann

51  Social Networking & Virtual Community -- Xin-An Lu

57  Google in China:  Finding Creative Solutions to Cultural Differences -- Christopher E. Eby

63  Online Activism for a Heterogeneous Time:  The Pink Chaddi Campaign and the Social Media in India -- Saayan Chattopadhyay

69  Organizational Social Network Flows:  Artist's Statement -- Jay Liebowitz