a Journal of  Ideas Humor and Culture
Volume 28 Spring 2012 Number 1

The Body in Culture and Society


1  Introduction -- Allison C. Carey

5  Nancy Mairs:  Family, Disability, and Writing Beyond the Familial Self -- Hayley Mitchell Haugen

13  Virtual Disability:  A Look at Avatars in Wheelchairs -- Lawrence J. Mullen

17  Writing Women's Bodies:  Body as a Text and Context to Medieval Mystical Theology -- Christopher M. Flavin

23  Parsing the Body:  Frederick Douglas and the Recorporealization of Self -- Jennifer McQuillan

29  The Vampires of True Blood and Beyond:  Bodies, Desires, and Addictions in the Social Imaginary -- Dusty Lavole

37  Docile Choristers ad the "Choir Machine":  A Search for Agency in "Choir" -- Juliet Hess

49  The Chronic Pain Conversions -- Zach Savich

53  The Caged Bird Sings -- Hayley Hughes