What Can You Do During COVID: 

Here is a list of many things you can do on your own with friends.  

Hiking/Biking/Walking Rail Trail
First Fridays
Engage in eSports either in the Game Zone or on Ship's discord page
Using Lounge TVS to hook up video games with friends
Using outdoor spaces for study groups and (small hang outs)
Leaving kindness notes/rocks around their hall on campus
CAT bus to explore the area
Hiking at local parks
Bocce Ball
Disc Golf
Reading/Watching TV in a hammock
Star Gaze at Night
Paint Nights
DIY surprise - take something old and make it new
Karaoke on the Fly: Ask the CUB for more details
Morning Meditation
Speak Out: Open Mic days in the Amphitheater
Fantasy/Knockout Leagues
Disc Golf
Walking down town and getting a bit to eat
Netflix Parties (Virtual)
Jackbox Nights (Virtual)
Trivia with friends through Kahoot
Come to the Red Zone
Fitness Classes with ShipRec
Get and Enjoy a Raider Bowl
Using the CUB Amphitheater
Meditate in the academic quad
Walk or run around the track
Call a friend
Walk to Cabin on King for ice cream
Try something new in one of the several eaterys on campus
Learn a new skill or hobby with Youtube
Learn a new language
Learn about another culture through pod cast, movies, books, links, etc.
Chat with friends in the adriondack chairs
Work out at ShipRec
Be part of a team through one of the many work study possibilities.
Watch a sunrise or sunset
Make a scanvanger hunt on goose chase
Make your own escape room (virtual)
Watching sports together through a zoom party
Explorer the creek and Bird Run
Stream WSYC 88.7 FM
Connect online with a workshop group
Visit the Career and Mentor center for jobs, resumes and workshops
Kauffman gallery in the Huber Arts Center on campus
Attend any event by your RA in your building
Explore online the businesses on King and experience them in person
Bing a show on your favorite streaming platform
Practicing self care
Learn something new everyday