Residence Director Frequently Asked Questions

How many RAs will I supervise?

For the 2020/2021 academic year, there will be 56 RAs (Resident Assistants) spread throughout seven residence halls on campus. Each RD supervises between 7 and 9 RAs.   

How many hours per week will I be required to work?

RDs should schedule at least 10 office hours per week, in addition to staff meeting times, one-one schedules, and the rotating on-duty calendar. There are also several office auxiluary assignments that RDs will work on throughout their term.

How often will I be on-duty?

The RDs rotate weeknight duty on a bi-weekly basis, as well as rotate shared weekend duty. There is at least one RD on-call every night of the week, in addition to a professional on-call, and counselor on-call.

How difficult is it to balance the RD position with a graduate program?

RDs are limited to taking 6-credits per semester and 3 credits each summer term. Most graduate classes meet in the late afternoon or early evening on a weekly basis.

Graduate programs often include internship experiences with specific requirements (i.e. hours, location, legnth). RDs are responsible for communicating their plan of work with their supervisor to assist in balancing employment and in/out of classroom work. All students are assigned an academic advisor to work with at the start of their program.

In addition to supervising a residence hall, what are some other responsibilities RDs have?

  • Serve on the Connection Drug and Alcohol Education committee
  • Serve as a Student Conduct officer or on a conduct hearing board
  • Participate in a rotating on-duty schedule
  • Advising Hall Council, as part of Residence Hall Association
  • Other committee assignment options RA/DA Development, RD Selection, Publications and Marketing, advising opportunities, etc.

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