Residence Director Position Description

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The Residence Director is a 12 month live-in position that supervises a residential community on campus. Each RD must be enrolled in a graduate program. Each Residence Director is limited to 6 credit hours per semester and 3 per summer term. RDs are responsible for communicating their plan of work with the department and to balance their employment with their studies. Depending on the program, this may be a 2 or 3 year commitment. 

Residence Directors are responsible for all aspects of their residential community. They supervise all hall staff, advise Hall Council, adjudicate student conduct hearings, facilitate community planning, support academic success initatives, serve as a facility liaison, as well as assist students with all aspects of ensuring a proper community. Hiring preference will be given to individuals who: are committed to multiculturalism, demonstrate sensitivity and understanding of student issues, and have past residence hall experience and/or leadership experience.

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