Women's Center Educational Workshops



The Women's Center provides engaging and educational workshops for residence hall floors, student organizations, classes, training, and other programs or events.  These workshops reflect our mission to advance equality and end sexual assault and intimate partner abuse on our campus. All of our workshops are interactive and discuss the resources available on and off-campus.  The workshops can be tailored to suit the needs of classes, groups, teams, and organizations. Workshops can run from 15 minutes to 1 hour.  Please contact the Women's Center at 717.477.1790 or womenscenter@ship.edu to schedule a workshop. 

Just Between Us:  Consent and Safer Sex
  • Understand the fundamentals of asking for and giving consent
  • Learn how to integrate safer sex practices into a consensual relationship
  • What to do when consent is violated

Together Forever:  Healthy Relationships and Stalking

  • Introduction to the dynamics of power and control in an abusive relationship
  • How to spot red flags, and support healthy habits
  • The use of social media in stalking and abuse
  • How to seek help, and support friends

Lies the Media Told Me:  Gender and Body Image

  • Introduction to the influence of media, including social media, on gender expectations
  • Understand the dynamics of body image and eating disorders
  • Learn how to present healthy messages
  • Learn how to support friends in unhealthy situations

Talk it Out:  Nonviolent Communication and Conflict Resolution

  • Introduction to the principles of Nonviolent communication
  • Understand the value of healthy communication and conflict resolution
  • Spot red flags for escalation and how to deescalate
  • 1-2 conflict resolution techniques depending on time and group needs
  • How to seek support on campus