ByLaws of the Shippensburg University Women's Consortium

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Adopted April 21, 1998 - Revised April 28, 2008

Article I: Name

The name of the organization shall be the Shippensburg University Women’s Consortium, an affiliate of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Women’s Consortium.

Article II: Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of the Women’s Consortium is to enhance the status of women at Shippensburg University.

Four objectives will serve to achieve the purpose:

  • To disseminate information about women’s issues and concerns.
  • To sponsor activities to enhance the status of all women.
  • To promote professional development opportunities for all women.
  • To promote and maintain a networking system for all women.

Article III - Membership

Members will include:undergraduate and graduate students as well as active and retired women administrators, faculty and staff of Shippensburg University, and partners of employees

  • Membership will be contingent upon payment of annual dues.
  • Membership year will extend from September through August.
  • Members are eligible to vote, hold office and serve on committees.

Article IV - Officers

Section 1.  Executive Committee

The Women’s Consortium of Shippensburg University will be governed by an Executive Committee consisting of a President and Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Coordinator, the Director of the Women’s Center, and a representative from Women’s Studies.

Section 2.  Election of Officers

Officers shall be elected annually by the membership.  The nominating committee shall solicit nominations prior to May 1 with elections to take place before May 30.  The nominees for each office receiving the majority vote of ballots returned shall be elected.  President ,  Vice President, and Communications Coordinator are elected during odd-numbered years (2009, 2011, etc.) and Secretary and Treasurer are elected during even-numbered years (2008, 2010, etc.).

Section 3.  Term of Office

 The term of office for the members of the Executive Committee will extend from May to May.  Officers shall serve for a two-year term.

 Section 4.  Vacancies

 In the event that an officer resigns prior to the end of the term, the President, in consultation with the Executive Committee, shall appoint a replacement.  Should the President resign, his/her duties will be assumed by the Vice-President.

 Section 5.  Officers and Their Respective Duties

 These officers shall perform the duties pertaining to their respective offices as outlined by the membership.


  The President shall assume a leadership role.  He/she  shall:

  • Preside at all meetings of the membership, the Executive Committee, and any special meetings he/she may call.
  • Maintain order.
  • Explain and describe all questions of order.
  • Prepare and distribute an agenda for each meeting.
  •  Appoint committee chairpersons.
  • Appoint an interim chair for committees, when necessary.

Serve as campus contact representing the membership on all official matters conducted by the Women’s Consortium of the State System of Higher Education.


The Vice-President shall:

  • Provide and perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.
  • Serve on the Executive Committee.
  • Serve as President of the membership committee.
  • Assist the President in any other duties that may be assigned to him/her.
  • Plan and facilitate all fundraising activities.


The Secretary shall:

  • Record and distribute minutes of the business meetings.
  • Summarize minutes of the previous meeting.
  • Take attendance of the membership.
  • Handle all correspondence for the membership unless otherwise specified.
  • Preside and perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President and the Vice-President.


The Treasurer shall:

  • Receive and deposit all funds and special contributions.
  • Verify appropriate expenditures.
  • Issue payment for approved bills.
  • Maintain accurate records of all financial transactions.
  • Prepare and distribute financial statements at all regularly-scheduled meetings of the membership.
  • Maintain a membership roster and encourage membership renewals.

E.Communications Coordinator 

The Communications Coordinator shall:

  • Maintain the Women’s Consortium e-mail list.
  •  Maintain a visual record of all activities and events.

Article V - Standing Committees

Section 1.  Executive Committee

 A.Purpose:  To serve as a long-range planning committee—design, implement, and evaluate goals, objectives, and activities for the Women’s Consortium of Shippensburg University.

B. Meetings:

  • The Committee will meet at least twice each semester.
  • The Committee will offer a retreat each Spring to develop a plan (goals, objectives, and activities) for the following year.

Article VI - Meetings

Section 1.  

The full membership shall meet at least once each semester.

Section 2.  

A tentative agenda shall be included with the notice of the meetings.

Section 3. 

The business to be conducted by a majority vote of the membership present.

Article VII - Special Committees 

With the consent of the Executive Committee, the President may appoint Special Committees, as appropriate.

Article VIII - Procedures

Except as provided herein, all proceedings of the Women’s Consortium of Shippensburg University shall be governed by the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.

Article IX - Amendments

These Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the membership at a regularly-scheduled meeting.  Notice of such proposed amendments must be sent to each member thirty days in advance of consideration and approval.

These ByLaws are also available in PDF format.