Shippensburg University Fashion Archives and Museum to open new exhibit

The Shippensburg University Fashion Archives and Museum (SUFAM) will open a new exhibit “The Fashions of Fiction from ‘Pamela’ to ‘Gatsby’” on April 14 from 1 - 4:00 p.m.

The innovative exhibit is based on descriptions of characters in the texts of seven novels. In each story, elements of dress influence plot development and reveal the temperaments of individual characters.

The novels include “Pamela,” “Ourika,” “Jane Eyre,” “Cranford,” “Madame Bovary,” “Age Innocence” and “The Great Gatsby.”

The exhibit is funded by a $40,000 grant from The Coby Foundation. With the grant, SUFAM hired an exhibit designer for the first time in its history. Designer Charles “Chuck” Mack collaborated with Dr. Karin J. Bohleke, SUFAM director, and students to create the exhibit.

The exhibit is open until April 11, 2019. For additional information, visit