Per Credit Tuition Pilot Program:
Frequently Asked Questions

Beginning with the Fall 2016 semester, full-time undergraduate students who are residents of Pennsylvania will be charged tuition on a per-credit basis rather than the current flat rate. A full-time student is one who is enrolled in 12 or more credits per semester.

How much is this going to cost students?

In order to help students with the transition to per-credit tuition pricing, the university will reduce the per-credit rate set by the State System Board of Governors (BOG). For example, the 2015-16 per credit rate is $294. We would reduce this to $274, a 7% decrease. The tuition cost at $274 per credit would be:

Credits - Tuition

12 credits = $3,288

13 credits = $3,562

14 credits = $3,836

15 credits = $4,110

16 credits = $4,384

17 credits = $4,658

18 credits = $4,932

Tuition rates for 2016-2017 will be set by the BOG in July 2016. SU’s rate will be adjusted accordingly and will be 93% of that rate (a 7% reduction).

Over this three-year pilot program, the university will move toward charging the full amount of the tuition set by the Board of Governors. In 2017-18, the rate will be 96% of the BOG rate, and in 2018-19 the rate will be 99% of the BOG rate.

When will we know the actual per-credit tuition rate?

The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Board of Governors sets the tuition rate for all 14 member schools at its July meeting.

Does this new per-credit pricing change the way I am billed for fees?

Fees will be charged as they have been in the past. For example, the technology tuition fee, educational service fee, and other campus fees will be capped at the full-time undergraduate rate, regardless of whether a student is taking 12 credits or 18 credits.

What financial assistance is available to students in this pilot program?

In addition to the federal and state aid already available to students, the university will provide a Tuition Pilot Grant to continuing undergraduate students who are residents of Pennsylvania, who are financially qualified, and who are living on or off campus while attending SU. Students who commute from home do not qualify for the grant.

The Tuition Pilot Grant will be awarded each semester to qualified students. Students enrolled in at least 14 credits will be awarded $200 per semester and students enrolled in 15 or more credits will be awarded $400 per semester.

Do I need to apply for the Tuition Pilot Grant?

No, you do not need to apply. However, you must submit a FAFSA each academic year in order to be considered and must meet the qualifications, including maintaining satisfactory academic progress. Contact the Office of Financial Aid at (717)-477-1131 or with any questions or concerns about your educational funding.

If I change the number of credits in my schedule during schedule adjustment, will I still receive the Tuition Pilot Grant?

When the schedule adjustment period ends at the beginning of the semester, the Financial Aid Office will make a one-time review of your credits and re-evaluate your aid. If your total credits have changed, your Tuition Pilot Grant may change as well.  Assuming you meet the financial need requirements, you must still be taking or scheduled in at least 14 credits to receive any portion of the grant.  Therefore, if you receive credit for a Tuition Pilot Grant on your bill, and then subsequently reduce your total number of credits during the schedule adjustment period, the grant may be reduced or you may lose it entirely, which could result in a balance due to the university.

To qualify for the Tuition Pilot Grant, how does the university define “satisfactory academic progress”?

SU’s academic progress requirements are available under Financial Aid Eligibility on Ship’s website.

If I qualify for the Tuition Pilot Grant, will I receive funding each semester?

Yes, as long as you qualify, you will receive funding each semester.

When will I know if I’m going to receive a Tuition Pilot Grant?

Your fall bill will be generated in mid-July. If you have a class schedule, the Financial Aid Office will notify you of the award by e-mail in early summer (June or July) before the fall charges post.

I am entering my senior year of college. Will this tuition plan affect me?

Yes, this tuition pricing flexibility program will be for all undergraduate students who are residents of Pennsylvania, including incoming freshmen and continuing students.

I am an out-of-state undergraduate student. Will this per-credit tuition plan affect me?

No, the per-credit tuition plan affects only undergraduate students who are residents of Pennsylvania.  Out-of-state students taking 12 – 18 credits will still be charged the full-time rate set by the Board of Governors. Out-of-state students who qualify for the university’s Tuition Advantage Program (TAP) will still receive the TAP discount at 175% of the PA resident rates set by the Board of Governors.

How will this affect the rates for summer and winter courses?

Summer and winter terms are already billed on a per-credit basis and the per-credit rate will be the same as the rates for fall and spring.  The new rates will take effect for winter term 2016 and summer term 2017; and for the 2016-17 year, the rates will be 93% of the rate set by the Board of Governors.

I am part of the Pennsylvania TAP program. What will happen to my TAP dollars?

The Pennsylvania TAP Commission will do a conversion based on SU’s per-credit tuition rate.

Which office should I contact for more information about my bill?

Students and families can contact the Student Accounts Office by e-mail at or by phone at (717) 477-1211.