2017 Success Stories

Pine Ridge Campground

“Cheryl from the SBDC was top-notch. She knew her stuff and she helped us 110%”- Steve Haut

Pine Ridge

According to Patti Haut, she and her husband Stephen have been campers “since the beginning of time, when our son (Jamie) was small.” They were seasonal campers, campers who rented a site year-round, at Raystown Lake for about ten years and became friends with the owners....More

MKUP The Beauty Studio

“Until I met Cheryl, there wasn’t somebody that could really say, ‘Well, I think this is best.’ She really helped me to dissect everything. She did research and found ways that would be most beneficial"- Maggie King

When Maggie King recently opened her Beauty Studio in York, PA it was, as Maggie notes, “like a weird full circle, a return to my roots.” Maggie began her “journey with brides” in high school, working in a small bridal boutique literally just down the street from where her new studio is located...More

Warrington Farm Meats


“Robin has been very helpful and a great person to work with. We are excited about our growth and now that the construction is finished we are focusing on going ahead. The first year is always a challenge.”- Margie Jones

Warrington Farm meats

Margie and Gerald Jones were raised in farming families, married in 1973 and bought their first dairy farm in 1979. Over the years the couple had six sons, each developing different interests in agriculture....MORE


Desperate Times Brewery


“Our Business Consultant was just amazing! She was there to assist us and provide support throughout the process. ” - Susan and Matt Dunn

Desperate Times Logo


Matt and Susan Dunn traveled an unplanned route from Florida to Arkansas to Carlisle, Pennsylvania and their current enterprise, Desperate Times Brewery.  The brewery’s website may induce one to think the name came directly from the Prohibition era scenes depicted there, but it was their own “desperate times” with unexpected career changes, geographic relocations and a growing family.... MORE


Mason Dixon Distillery



“Cheryl, my business consultant, was excellent. She is an experienced and knowledgeable individual.” -Yianni Barakos

Mason Dixon Logo


Yianni Barakos is a man with passion. He is a man with the gift of vision, the audacity to set big goals and the grit and work ethic to accomplish them.  His father and now business partner, George, was a restaurant owner and Yianni grew up with an inside view….MORE


2016 Success Stories


Castlerigg Wine Shop


“I absolutely would not have been able to get open without their help.” - Alan Tumblin 



The Castlerigg Wine Shop is in a charming older building in Carlisle, PA, replete with interior wood shutters on floor to ceiling double hung windows, 12-inch oak baseboard trim, an antique fireplace with intricately carved mantel and 9-feet tall solid wood pocket doors that exude sturdiness and character.  The delightful wine selection and gift shop with wine journals, local artisan goods and gadgets for wine aficionados adds to the ambiance.....MORE  


Halbrendt Vineyard & Winery


“SBDC assistance made a difference – from the workshops, frameworks, planning assistance – they helped us figure out how to do things.” - Noemi Halbrendt



John and Noemi Halbrendt personify the definition of encore careerists. More pecifically, they represent the growing ranks of encore entrepreneurs. Recently concluding professional careers, they retired into winemaking. Not that it all started with a plan…MORE


2015 Success Stories

Michele's Pet Grooming and Boarding


“Oh my gosh, she was instrumental!  The bank would not work with me without a business plan.“- Michele Gossard

   Michele's Pet


Daisy, the “greeter,” came up to me happily wagging her tail as I approached the recently opened doggie daycare and boarding facility.  Upon entering I saw Becky, a groomer, busily painting a Saint Bernard’s toenails purple to match her new collar....more 


The Igloo

“Cheryl provided great insight and guidance that helped me to push through in the initial stages of getting started.” - Nicholas Papoutsis

The Igloo

Nicholas Papoutsis first contacted the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Shippensburg University in early February 2014.  Nicholas was going through a life transition at the time, having recently been “downsized” after 38 years working as a manufacturing engineer and he had become aware of a local business that was for sale...more



2014 Success Stories


Pizza N' Stuff


“The SBDC was great to work with, a huge help and always available to assist us when we had questions”- Jessica Marchiano


Pizza N Stuff Logo         Pizza N Stuff Outside   



Tony Marchiano has been working in the pizza industry for twenty-five years, starting when he moved to the United States from Sicily. His wife, Jessica has many years of experience in the customer service industry...more



GoGreen IT


“I always knew that I would someday have my own business. The SBDC was awesome with helping me get started”  - Nick Mudgett

Go Green IT



From the time he was in grade school, Nick Mudgett wanted to start a business.  At just twenty years old his ambition, combined with his environmental concern and entrepreneurial outlook, led him to accomplishing just that...more




Amped Apparel


“Try and go about it [starting your own business] in the correct way. It’s easy to not want to spend as much money and time, but by taking the proper steps first, you’re establishing a brand that can grow”  - Adam Sinz

Ampled Apparel      


When Adam Sinz was a 17-year old, a mere six years ago, he was into the action sport lifestyle and hanging out at the local skate shop had become routine. When a friend was sponsored by the skate shop, Adam was asked to design a logo for the shop and to get shirts printed. This was the start of something big...more





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