B. A. English with Secondary Certification


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The Department of English offers undergraduate programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. Students who graduate with a B.A., a B.A. with Writing Emphasis, or a B.A. with Secondary Certification have learned to read critically and write intelligently about literature and related fields. They will be familiar with works in drama, prose, and poetry from both the Western and non-Western traditions and have a knowledge of the structures of language, the genres in which literature is classified, the historical contexts of literature and the various methodologies that facilitate the analysis and understanding of literature. Most important, graduates in English have some insight into the world of ideas, their own and those of others.


Students in English begin their studies by enrolling in a core of introductory courses that gives them a basic, general understanding of literature. They continue their studies by enrolling in elective courses that allow in-depth examination of certain historical periods, literary movements and individual authors. Students will take a seminar and, upon approval, may work closely with an individual faculty member in the writing of a senior thesis. The English department also offers a variety of internships.

Career Opportunities

More career opportunities are opening for college and university graduates who can read and write well. Because success in most professions demands effective thinking, the study of English is excellent preparation for careers in law, medicine, education, technical writing, journalism, theology, personnel, marketing, management, administration, publishing, and writing. Few majors prepare students so well for a variety of careers as English does.

English (B.A.) with Secondary Certification (39 crs.)

For assessment and career development purposes, all English majors are required to maintain a portfolio representing their written work in courses at all levels (including ENG107 and a course at the 200, 300 and 400 levels). 

Designated courses may double-count for the Historical Focus and Multicultural requirements; however, total hours for the requirement do not change. See course descriptions in the department advising material; designations change each semester, depending upon course content. 

Students receiving certification must take one course in world literature (ENG240 or ENG385). 

All students completing a Bachelor of Arts degree are required to attain proficiency in a foreign language. Proficiency may be satisfied by completing a language class at the 103 (intermediate) level or three years of any one foreign language in high school. Students may also meet this requirement through AP testing or CLEP testing. 


Core Courses (27 crs.)

ENG107 Literary Studies I
ENG111 Literary Studies II
ENG233 American Literature I
ENG234 American Literature II
ENG236 British Literature I
ENG237 British Literature II
ENG330 Shakespeare
ENG366 History & Structure of English
ENG426 Teaching Adolescent Literature

Multicultural Literature (3 crs.)

ENG240 World Literature  OR 

ENG385 Studies in Literature of the Postcolonial World  




 Literary Traditions (6 crs.) (at least one must be pre-1800)

ENG256 Introduction to Mythology
ENG318 Studies in English Renaissance Literature
ENG 376 Studies in Medieval Literature
ENG377 Studies in Restoration and 18th Century Literature
ENG378 Studies in Early American Literature
ENG380 Studies in 19th Century British Literature
ENG381 Studies in 19th Century American Literature
ENG382 Studies in 20th Century British Literature
ENG383 Studies in 20th Century American Literature
ENG385 Studies in Literature of the Postcolonial World
ENG394 Selected Topics

Seminar (3 crs.)

ENG464 Seminar in Major Author
ENG465 Seminar in Nonfictional Prose
ENG466 Seminar in Literary Theory
ENG467 Seminar in Drama
ENG468 Seminar in Fiction
ENG469 Seminar in Poetry
ENG490 Seminar in Selected Topics

Professional Education Requirements (33 crs.)

TCH207 Org/Psych Foundations in Sec. Ed. 3 crs. 
EDU290 Intro to ELA Education 3 crs.
EDU422 Teaching English

EEC273 Introduction to Exceptionality 3 crs.

EEC483 Assessing Students for Curr. 3 crs

RDG413 Teaching Reading to ELLs 3 crs
EDU495 Student Teaching & Professional Practicum 12 crs  



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Current Happenings 

9/17/15:  Prof. Kim van Alkemade will read from her debut novel, Orphan #8, at 7:00 p.m. in Old Main Chapel.

10/15/15:  Pulitzer Prize winning author Adam Johnson will read from his new collection of short stories, Fortune Smiles, at 6:30 p.m. in Old Main Chapel. 
All events are free and open to all!