CFEST  Grants Programs for 2014-2015 are now available.

Faculty Orientation 

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Grants Administration
Co-Directors (CFESTGrants@ship.edu): Lea Adams (x.1115) and Paul Taylor (x1705)

Campus Support
Director: Ashley Seibert, x.1203, acseibert@ship.edu

New Faculty Mentorship
Director: Lynn Baynum, x1102, lfbayn@ship.edu 

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Grants Overview

This website provides requests for proposals for several grant programs available to you as a tenured or tenure-track faculty member at Shippensburg University. Each year the SU Foundation and the University, through the Provost's Office, provide funds on a competitive basis to support faculty professional development. The Center for Faculty Excellence in Scholarship and Teaching (CFEST) Committee for Grants Administration, comprised of 5 faculty and 5 academic administrators meet and review requests for funding.

An overview of CFEST grants programs is also available HEREin PDF.

Travel Grant Program - 

Supports faculty travel to conferences for presentations, conference organizing, or required attendance for national officers.

New rules for 2014-2015 (see RFP for details):

- Starting with November travel, applications must be made before travel.

- The university Travel Request Form must be completed prior to travel to receive any reimbursement (CFEST or otherwise).

         - Note on advance funding

 Travel RFP[PDF]  

Travel RFP[Word]   

Travel Reimbursement Rates  [Note:  Original receipts required--use per diem rates only for estimating your budget]

Faculty Training and Continued Education (FTCE) - 

Supports efforts to improve pedagogy, teaching, or scholarship through attendance at workshops or other innovative approaches. Proposals to further course development (beyond normal expectations of faculty) and department-wide initiatives are encouraged.



Example FTCE proposal - Counseling services [PDF] 

PASSHE and SU Faculty Professional Development Council (FPDC) -  

Supports faculty professional development including, but not limited, to:

1. Research (including joint faculty-student research)

2. Joint Faculty-Student Public Service

3. Creative and Performing Arts

4. (Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (including dept. and group projects) ) - see separate Innovation in Teaching RFP

5. Individual Career Enhancement (including completion of advanced degree)

6. Development of an Extramural Grant Proposal

 FPDC Grants Program [PDF] 

FPDC Grants Program [Word]

FPDC Innovation in Teaching Grants Program [PDF] 

FPDC Innovation in Teaching Grants Program [Word] 

  Example FPDC proposal - History 

Example FPDC proposal - Biology (1) 

Example FPDC proposal - Biology (2) 

Example FPDC proposal - Biochemistry 

Note on Proposed Activities:

Proposals focusing primarily on normal university functions (e.g., academic program review, accreditation studies, routine updating of courses and programs) will not be considered. In addition, CFEST encourages individuals to use these grant funds as seed money to provide support for applications to other funding sources. It is not the intent of the CFEST to be a continuing support mechanism for ongoing projects. Repeated requests for funding of ongoing projects will be reviewed with this in mind.

When preparing your justification for support, remember that your audience is not only CFEST but also the SU Foundation Board that is comprised of members of the local community, legislators and CEOs. Final reports are required in all categories within 30 days of completion of project. These reports are also submitted to the SU Foundation Board to justify future funding from the Foundation.

If you would like further information concerning application procedures and deadlines, you may contact any member of the CFEST Committee for Grants Administration listed below.

Additional Information:

CFEST important dates and deadlines
Travel Reimbursement Rates  [Note:  Original receipts required--use per diem rates only for estimating your budget]
SU grant writing mentors (volunteers)
Forms and Final Reports 

Grants Administration Committee 2014 - 2015:

Committee member  Department  Phone  Email 

Lea Adams, Co-Director


Paul Taylor, Co-Director

Claire Jantz Geography/Earth Science
James Johnson Dean of Education and Human Services

John Kooti

Dean of Business

Jim Mike

Dean of Arts and Sciences
Viet Dao
Management Information Systems                               
Matt Cella 

Sally Paulson

Exercise Science

Christopher Wonders

Institute for Public Service
Ex-officio member:  Christina Sax, x1348
Administrative assistant:  Sherry Dinsmore, x.1348, sldins@ship.edu