Reading Placement

Students are placed into Developmental Reading & Study Skills (RDG: 050) based on their Verbal SAT score. Scores below 425 will result in placement into the Developmental Reading course. 

Developmental Placement

A developmental reading placement requires you to pass coursework designed to improve your skills. Students must earn a grade of “C” or higher to satisfy the developmental reading placement.

See the Options Based on Results tab on our website and click, Reading Options for information regarding remediation options prior to beginning classes at Ship. 

The Developmental Placement Challenge Test

Students with Verbal SAT scores of 425 and below who wish to challenge their placement have the option to take the Reading Placement Challenge Test, the Nelson Denny Reading Test.  Students can only take the Reading Placement Challenge Test at Shippensburg University. Alternate testing sites are not available for this test.

The Nelson Denny is a timed test (35 minutes) composed of two sub-tests, Vocabulary and Comprehension. The Vocabulary section consists of 80 items and has a time limit of 15 minutes. The Comprehension section contains reading passages and 38 questions to be completed in 20 minutes.

Nelson-Denny’s purpose is to identify students who have difficulty in reading, to gauge levels of progress after remediation, and to predict future potential for academic success.

If your SAT scores placed you into a Developmental Reading course, and you feel uncertain about your reading skills, it is recommended that you take a Developmental Reading course rather than the challenge test.