Faculty Supervisor Requirements

  • Review monthly reports submitted by student intern to ensure the student is performing the duties and responsibilities as stated in the employer's job description.  
  • Review other documents submitted by the student (see Student Requirements section).  
  • Schedule a meeting at least once during the internship with the work supervisor and the intern. It is suggested that this meeting occur near the middle of the internship experience. The meeting with the work supervisor and intern should be done in person at the work site. Telephone contact with the work supervisor and the intern may be used in lieu of a personal visit when a visit is impractical due to schedules and/or distance. Additional telephone contacts with the employer and the intern are recommended as a supplement to the on-site visit, if deemed necessary.  
  • Complete a formal, written midterm evaluation of the intern (a link to that evaluation will be emailed to you by the Internship Office.)  
  • Submit a grade for the intern to the Registrar's Office at the conclusion of the internship. The student intern's grade should be determined based upon the quality of work performed as evaluated by the employer (i.e., as indicated on evaluation form) and the quality of the documents submitted by the student intern as evaluated by the faculty supervisor. A copy of the employer's intern evaluation form will be given to the faculty supervisor upon receipt of the form from the employer.  
  • Consult with the Assistant Dean if any problems identified during the internship require immediate resolution.