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Computer Graphics

Computer graphics deals with the creation of computer-generated imagery and the design of the software used in creating computer images.

What is computer graphics?

The Shippensburg University Computer Graphics Concentration incorporates the aesthetic aspects of art with the algorithmic rigor of computer science. The concentration is available to majors in both the art and computer science departments. Each discipline provides relevant skills that are absent in the other: computer scientists wishing to work in the fields of special effects and game design benefit from skills provided by art courses, while art students are finding that programming skills are increasingly necessary for multimedia productions and advanced Web page design. This concentration bridges that gap.

What are my career options?

Graduates of the concentration will be highly marketable. Their combined artistic and computer science skills will prepare graduates for employment in any field that utilizes computer science and visual imagery, such as: the graphic design industry, multimedia, both educational and game development, special effects design, etc. Their ability to create computer art work coupled with their skill in computer software development and maintenance will make them well rounded, unusually skilled, and highly valued.

Are there internship opportunities?

Internships are available locally with graphic design, multimedia, and web design agencies. The Departments of Art and Computer Science encourage their majors to pursue an internship, and have many requests from local industry for majors. Students are also encouraged to create unique internship opportunities on campus and within the region.

What facilities are available?

The Department of Computer Science has a computer graphics lab that consists of Macintosh G5 workstations with dual processors. Advanced graphics software includes 3DS Max and Maya. The Art Department is home to the Golden Apple Lab, which contains Macintosh G5 machines, large format printers, scanners, digital, still, and video cameras and CD-Rom and DVD capabilities for producing multimedia projects. Software is updated on a regular basis to keep pace with the ever-changing industry.

What courses will I take?

Students enrolled in the concentration will take the required courses of their major, in addition to the following:

  • CSC 350 Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • CSC 450 Advanced Computer Graphics
  • CSC 451 Computer Graphics Algorithms
  • ART 217 Computer Design I

Any two from:

  • ART 306 Computer Design II
  • ART 319 Computer Design III
  • ART 425 Computer Design IV

Art students are required to take:

  • CSC 110 Computer Science I
  • CSC 111 Computer Science II
  • CSC 350 Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • CSC 450 Advanced Computer Graphics
  • ART 217 Computer Design I
  • ART 306 Computer Design II or
  • ART 430 Computer Design V
  • ART 319 Computer Design III
  • ART 425 Computer Design IV
  • MAT 120 Basic Math Models
  • MAT 124 Pre-Calculus

Why take computer graphics at Shippensburg?

Although other schools have art programs that address graphic design and multimedia, Shippensburg's computer graphics concentration goes beyond the creation of strong visual imagery by providing the mathematical and algorithmic understanding of the software packages used in the visual design process. With a firm foundation in both fields, graduates will be able to produce computer art without restriction, thus making them very unique and well-equipped for the job markets they will encounter.

Who can take the computer graphics concentration at Shippensburg University?

Enrollment is open to any student who is majoring in either art or computer science. Additional math courses will be required of art majors and computer science majors are encouraged to take additional art courses. It is hoped that students will major in one area and minor in the other.