Category B- Linguistic, Literary, Artistic and Cultural Traditions
(Three Courses - 9 credit hours)

Culture is the human-made part of the environment and the spoken and written word, together with the visual and performing arts, are its foundation. The courses required in this category are designed to acquaint the student with teh richness and diversity of these aspects of culture, especially with the recognized standards of literary and artistic excellence. the emphasis in this category is also on the breadth and extent of the many cultural experiences and heritages which make up our world. Knowing only the traditions of our own immediate surroundings or even simply those of our country is no longer enough to function effectively in a world where contact between varied cultures and knowledge of their interaction has become normal and expected. All students completing a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) program will be required to attain intermediate level of proficiency in a foreign language. Intermediate proficiency may be satisfied by the completion of three years of a foreign language in high school, a 103-level college course in a foreign language, or satisfactory completion of an intermediate-level proficiency examination. Even if you are not completing a B.A. degree, the university encourages study of a foreign language as a means of fulfilling the requirement of this category. Foreign language study introduces students to the way language works, why words matter, and aids them in understanding more about their own language and its intricacies. Such study also fosters greater appreciation of peoples and cultures by crossing the language barrier and seeing more deeply how others live.

One course must be taken from those listed under Literature and two courses in different disciplines from those listed under Humanities.

Literature (one course) Humanities (two courses-different disciplines)
ENG243 The Art of Film
ART101 Art Appreciation
ENG248 Intro to Culturally Diverse Literature of the United States
ART231 Art History I
ENG250 Intoduction to Literature
ART232 Art History II
FRN330 Masterpieces of French Literature
ART274 Introduction to Cultural Studio
FRN331 Masterpieces of Francophone Literature
ART339 History of American Art
GER151 German Cinema
FRN101 Beginning French I
GER320 Berlin
FRN102 Beginning French II
GER322 Readings in 19th & 20th Century German Literature
FRN103 Intermediate French
SPN 360 Masterpieces in Spanish Literature
FRN150 French Civilization
SPN 361 Masterpieces in Spanish-American Literature
FRN202 Intermediate Conversation thru the Media
FRN204 Ideas/Cultures From the French Speaking World
FRN320 Commercial French
GER101 Beginning German I
GER102 Beginning German II
GER103 Intermediate German
GER150 German Civilization & Culture
GER203 Intermediate German Conversation
GER204 Ideas/Cultures From the German Speaking World
GER215 Commercial Germ
IAP 111 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Arts
MUS121 Introduction to Music
MUS227 Opera & Music Theatre
MUS261 World Music
SOC370 Sociology of the Arts
SPE240 The Dramatic of Narrative Film
SPN101 Beginning Spanish I
SPN102 Beginning Spanish II
SPN103 Intermediate Spanish
SPN150 Spanish Civilization & Culture
SPN202 Intermediate Spanish Conversation
SPN204 Ideas/Cultures From the Hispanic Speaking World
SPN330 Commercial Spanish
SPN385 Aspectos de la Civilizacion Hispana
THE121 Introduction to Theater