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Grad Studies Random 1 

One-Semester Research Projects

These projects are of different formats depending on the specified purpose of the project and/or the ultimate publication outlet. 


Brianne Campbell.  Identification of aquatic fluorophores in a carbonate spring: Cumberland County, PA

Cody Frick.  A spatiotemporal analysis of tropical cyclone tracks in the Atlantic Basin: 1970-2013

Dana Heston.  Using chloride and bromide mass ratios and binary mixing curves to evaluate anthropogenic influences on groundwater in Lycoming and Wayne counties, Pennsylvania

Sarah Bartle.  An assessment of aquatic organisms in surface water and groundwater of the Cumberland Valley karst of south central Pennsylvania


Kevin Eaton.  Biometeorological evaluation of stadium microclimate to determine spectator thermal comfort: a pilot study

Michael Griesemer.  The relationship between inside and outside environments of the Shippensburg University Rife Alumni House: a comprehensive energy analysis


Rachel Ralls.  The geography of land trusts in the United States

Abdoul Koroney.  Groundwater exploration using shallow geophysical methods, Franklin County Pennsylvania


Christina Bohensky.  Analysis of the economic structures and tourism impacts on national park gateway communities

Trent Otis.  Evaluating SLEUTH model accuracy at different geographic scales around two national parks


Katherine Smith.  An analysis of climate trends in the Susquehanna River Basin, Pennsylvania

Michael Maret.  Using the SLEUTH urban growth model to identify "drivers" of land use change in the Baltimore metropolitan region

Jacob Ward.  Changes in the spatial and temporal distribution of the Gray Catbird (Dumetella carolinensis) territories in a riparian corridor of Bronx Park, NYC from 2003 to 2006 amidst floodplain and vegetation restoration 


Olivia Braun.  Seasonality and the urban heat island effect in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

Eric Atkins.  Estimating impacts of population growth on ecosystem services for the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River

Karen Stretton.  Evaluation of changes to the quality of riparian forest buffers in the Susquehanna River Watershed


Scott Dohohue.  Stormwater management planning in Pennsylvania: an analysis of municipal ordinances in Cumberland County 

Jeremiah Greenland.  Determination of hydraulic head elevations in Cleversburg Sink Cave and Swope Spring using a surveying approach 

Kathleen Kelliher.  Gauging readiness among township supervisors for standard planning, multi-municipal planning and regional initiatives: a study of South Mountain Conservation Landscape Initiative 

Saidet Saldutti.  The assessment of fecal coliform bacteria in Cumberland Valley springs 

Ricky Sones.  Effectiveness of agricultural zoning: South Middleton Township, PA 


Noah D'Antonio.  Long-term evaluation of benthic macroinvertebrate community response to watershed urbanization:  Valley Creek Watershed, Chester County, Pennsylvania 

Danielle Doyle.  Assessing a small summer urban heat island in rural South Central Pennsylvania