• Refrigerator (less than 3 amps, 4.3 cubic ft.)
  • Microwave (less than 750 watts)
    The (Residence Hall Association)RHA has a Microwave/Refrigerator Rental Program.

  • TV (http://www.ship.edu/housing/TV/ )
    • -Must contain a QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) tuner or technology that supports QAM conversions to older televisions
    • -Most televisions manufactured after 2007 have QAM tuners installed. Some inexpensive televisions come with low quality QAM tuners that may limit your ability to receive all of the programming the university offers. Still others may require you to contact Customer Support to activate licensing codes that will allow the set to begin scanning digital programming. In any case, please check with your retailer or the manufacturer to insure that the set you have chosen supports ClearQAM programming.
  • Computer (For recommendations, check out:
    http://www.ship.edu/Technology/Student/Computer_Recommendations/ )
  • Coax Cable (Recommended: 10 ft)
  • Coffee Maker or Keurig
  • Alarm Clock
  • Power Strip with Surge Protector (extension cords and multi-plug outlets are not allowed in Residence Halls)
  • Desk Lamp
    • -Light Bulbs
  • Floor Lamp
    • -Light Bulbs
  • Video games and system