International Photo Contest

2015 Photo Contest Winners

 1st Place: Lillian Berish 1st Place: Lillian Berish, "Spring in the Swiss Alps"
 2nd Place 2nd Place: Nicole Kell, "Mes Mejores Amigas", Sevilla, Spain
 3rd place 3rd Place: Amber Leisher, "On Top of the Vatican", Rome, Italy

2014 Photo Contest Winners


1st Place: Kristen Gingrich

1st Place: Kristen Gingrich, "The Streets of Barcelona". Barcelona, Spain.

2014 Second Place 

2nd Place: Jenna Thiel, "The Cliffs of Moher, Ireland"

2014 3rd Place 

3rd Place: Matthew Smith: "Bravlio Carrillo National Park". Costa Rica 

 2014 Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention: Casey Nelson, "Cinque Terre, Italy"


2011 Photo Contest Winners

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1st Place: Sarah Brotzman,
"Monks Gathering Walnuts"
South Korea


2nd Place: Hannah Brant,
"African Sunset"

Sunset Landscape 

 3rd Place: Jessica Petro
"Santorini Sunset"

Sunset and Ocean 



2010 Photo Contest Winners 

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1st Place: Sean Sheridan,
"Colors of Dusk in Manarola"


 2nd Place: Tianyuan Shen,

Homeless Person 

 3rd Place: Meghan Grady,
"Eiffel Shade"

Eiffel Tower Shade 

 Honorable Mention:
Alyssa Smith,
"A Cultural Experience:
The Bull Fight"



 Honorable Mention:
Amy Schilthuis,
"El Barrio Antiquo"  

Stone Houses and Road 



2009 Photo Contest Winners:

 1st Place: Emily Hutchinson
"A View of Cuzco"

Boy with Dog


 2nd Place: Courtnye Crans
"Pere Laichaise"

Houses and Road


 3rd Place - Rebekah Wingert
"Feni, Bangladesh"

Traditional Dresses


 Honorable Mention:
JohnPaul Bennett
"Nighttime in Hong Kong"

Hong Kong Skyline 


 Honorable Mention: Allie King
"Canal with Bike"

River and Bridge


 Honorable Mention: Sam Rhodes
"Love at Namison Island"






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