An Interview with Ruben Bourdeau, Class of 2018

Ruben Bourdeau is a sophomore majoring in Finance from Wilkes Barre, PA. SU Magazine (SUM) recently talked to Ruben about his experiences as a Ship student.

SUM: As a sophomore you are very involved at Ship. Why is that important to you?

RB: I really wanted to know why so many alums and current students love Shippensburg University with a passion. Everyone stressed how getting involved with your university will change your whole entire perspective. Getting involved is the main reason why I stayed at Shippensburg.

SUM: What activities or organizations are you in?

RB: I am currently part of the New Student Orientation Team, New Student Orientation Committee, a Resident Assistant, and National Residence Hall Honorary.

SUM: How has this impacted your experience at Ship?

RB: Being part of these few organizations has impacted me on another level. I am more inclined to lend a helping hand on campus if I have the opportunity to do so, and it has increased my love for the university more than I ever would have expected. I am often excited to step back on campus after a break due to the amount of love I have for Ship. My involvement with these clubs and organizations has made my experience lovely thus far.

SUM: You have a lot of school spirit. What is it about Ship that gets you excited?

RB: The things that get me most excited about Ship are the athletic events that we have on campus. There is something about these events that gets me fired up.

SUM: Recently, you were selected to take part in a university advertising campaign. What does it mean to you to represent Ship?

RB: I can honestly say that it means a lot to me to know that the university was able to utilize me as one of their reps for an advertisement. I set a goal at the beginning of my freshmen year to be featured on the webpage, but I never expected to be on a billboard or even an online ad for the university. I feel honored for the opportunity that was given to me.

SUM: How have friends or family reacted to the ads?

RB: The reaction that I've received from friends is that I am famous, but I usually tell them I'm really not famous at all. I am just a normal student just like everyone else. Many of them have said to me that it was weird seeing a familiar face on an ad. I also have received pictures of the advertisement several times from friends. My family members are thrilled about the news; they gave me words of encouragement to continue to get involved with the university.

SUM: In your opinion, what three words best exemplify Ship?

RB: Welcoming, home, community. These three words best exemplify Ship due to the fact that I have experienced it firsthand. It is because of the wonderful community that Ship has to offer that I am motivated to get involved like I am. I love being here so much that I can say that it is a home for me; I tend to miss being at Ship after a few weeks at home. Ship is welcoming to anyone and everyone.

SUM: Having accomplished so much already, what are your plans for the next two years here?

RB: My plans for the next two years are trying to leave my mark on this university and also expanding my networking skills. I don't necessary know how I will leave my mark or even top some of the accomplishments that I have currently, but only time will tell. I am seriously excited for these next two years because that’s when my life will probably come together the most.