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Dear Campus Community Member,

In recent weeks, I hope you have seen billboards we have placed around the region highlighting our students and their many successes. In addition, we have changed our website to reflect our new marketing/branding campaign that began earlier this year. By focusing on such words as leadership, scholarship and internship we show some of the qualities that reflect the university and its role in the region and beyond.

The campaign is the result of work by the Integrated Marketing Committee as part of the strategic planning process to enhance the university's image and visibility within the region. It comes after much research, review and discussion by the committee that included representatives from numerous constituent groups from on and off campus. It also included work with a research and marketing firm that conducted extensive research and made recommendations.

During the process, the following general identity statement was developed: "Shippensburg University is a familiar, welcoming place with an entrepreneurial spirit whose finger is on the pulse of an evolving regional economy. Ship seeks to educate and prepare students for emerging industries and jobs that will strengthen our nation's economy."

One recommendation that was made is that the university have consistent look throughout its logo, word marks, publications and advertisements for continuity of image, brand and identity so individuals will be able to instantly recognize that we are Shippensburg. Based on that recommendation, the recommendation of the Integrated Marketing Committee and in conversations with various members of the university community, effective July 1, 2008, the university's official logo will be the red and blue ship. While we will continue to use the university seal on official documents such as diplomas and transcripts, the ship logo will be used on all other material. This logo truly represents the spirit and feeling that make Ship unique - boldly moving forward and changing at the same time we retain our traditions.

A key component of this change is implementation of a style manual that guides any and all usage of the logo by all members of the campus community. This guide is being finalized by the Office of University Communications and Marketing and is to be followed at all times. To ensure consistency of our image and appearance, all uses of the logo by any group, organization, office, etc. must be approved through the Office of Publications and Advertising. The manual will be online for easy access and contains approved logo uses, examples of what to do and what not to do, and other guidelines. It is important that these identifiers be used properly and only in approved ways so the university is represented appropriately at all times.

The marketing/branding campaign has already received many compliments and I look forward to continuing to showcase our many successes. Best wishes.


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