Identifying the Right Opportunity

Literally thousands of funding opportunities exist. However, the challenge is finding the "right funding fit" for you! The three step process below may be helpful in wading through the various databases and hundreds, or even thousands of hits and isolating the most viable and potentially rewarding programs for you.

  1. Eliminate those programs that you simply do not qualify for due to geographic focus (limited to another state), applicant eligibility (i.e., k-12 schools), application policies, or timing issues (deadlines approaching or out of synch with our project).

  2. At this point, you can examine potential funding opportunity more finely. That is, do the dollar amounts of the awards typically made fit the size of project that you envision? If you are seeking a $10,000 grant and typical awards are $50,000 and above, this might not be the best fit. Consider, too, if this is indeed narrowly tailored to your field of interest or whether it is something more tangential. Also, are awards from this funder typically made to universities that fit our profile? For example, are awards made to universities like SU? Or, are they more typically made to community colleges, etc.? Finally, is the scope of what this sponsor funds more local or more national in scale? And, how would that compare with your project?

  3. Finally, where possible dig a little deeper and review what projects that a prospective grantor has actually funded in the past. This can be done by visiting the organization's web site, reviewing their annual report, or examining 990” (IRS) reports.

Of course, the IPS staff will be glad to work with you at any time along this process.

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