The Department of Recreation offers group fitness classes throughout the school year.

All classes are included in the cost of ShipRec membership. Individuals must present valid ID, for ShipRec access.


SCHEDULE: April 16th - May 6th




Barre is a mixture between ballet and Pilates. The class focuses on building core strength and long and lean muscles.

Dance Fitness

Do you want to let loose to upbeat music and get a great workout at the same time? Dance Fitness is a high-energy cardio class that uses Latin and international rhythms for fun, easy-to-follow choreographies. Every routine can be adjusted to your desired intensity level, so you can party and burn a lot of calories without getting sore!


Get ready to sweat with high intensity workouts designed to get your heart rate up and burn fat while building strength. Each HIIT (High intensity interval training) class will be different to keep your body guessing and to keep things fun! All fitness levels welcome and modifications can be made for different levels of experience.

Kickbox Cardio:

Kickbox Cardio is a complete 60 minute kickboxing, high intensity total body workout. Get ready to burn fat and build lean muscle through the combination of punching, kicking, and aerobic exercises. The cardio element of kickboxing is a heart pumping, high energy workout. Kickboxing involves the use of all muscle groups- including your core, which allows you to get your entire body involved! Modifications of an exercise can be made to accommodate those who need it. Get ready to burn up to 750 calories an hour during this full body workout!

Legs & Butt Burner:

This 30 minute class is full of intense exercises geared towards toning and tightening up those muscles below the hips. The combination of plyometric exercises as well as strength training is assured to torch fat and build those lean legs you are all looking for!


Increase your strength and flexibility with Yoga. Connect breath with movement as you learn basic Yoga postures, all while choosing your level of difficulty. Beginners to advanced students are welcome.