Early Alert Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Early Alert Program is to provide early intervention through the faculty/staff identification of students who may be facing academic and/or social challenges as well as those students who may be struggling as they transition into higher education. This is a proactive program of outreach and student support.

The Early Alert Program Coordinator is dedicated to maintaining a system of connection, communication, and collaboration between students and the campus community.

The goal of this program is to advocate for student success by:

  • Identifying struggling students
  • Increasing communication between students, faculty, advisors, and staff
  • Increasing student awareness of campus resources
  • Engaging students in their academic experience

What are the Early Alert Outcomes?

  • Improved Academic and/or Personal Performance
  • Adjustment to College
  • Increased Engagement
  • Persistence

For more information, contact Felicia L. Shearer, Early Alert Program Coordinator, by calling (717) 477-1396 or emailing flshearer@ship.edu.