Faculty & Staff

Ms. Crystal Stitely,  + " " + Department Secretary

Ms. Crystal Stitely, Department Secretary

Office: HG 109; Email: clstitely@ship.edu; Phone: 717.477.1721

Office Hours: MWF 12:45-4:30pm and TR 8:00-11:45am

Dr. Sally Paulson, ATC, CSCS*D,  + " " + Department Chair and Professor

Dr. Sally Paulson, ATC, CSCS*D, Department Chair and Professor

Office: HG 107A; Email: sapaul@ship.edu; Phone: 717.477.1274

Dr. Sally Paulson earned her PhD from the University of Arkansas in Kinesiology and is both a certified athletic trainer and strength and conditioning specialist. Her educational and professional background has prepared her to teach in the classroom and serve students. While her expertise lies in the areas of biomechanics and athletic training, Dr. Paulson also teaches courses in organization and administration, research design, and stress management. Her research interests include gait analysis and functional fitness of aging adults, the impact of wellness programs on health and fitness measures of university employees, and acute biomechanical responses to exercise training and footwear.

Dr. Turi Braun,  + " " + Professor, FACSM

Dr. Turi Braun, Professor, FACSM

Office: HG 107F; Email: wabrau@ship.edu; Phone: 717.477.1376

Dr. Braun taught at California State Polytechnic University (Pomona) from 1998 until his arrival at SU in 2004. His passions for working with and mentoring students are key elements of his continued enthusiasm for his work. Dr. Braun has authored or co-authored over thirty professional manuscripts and has worked with colleagues and too many students to count in generating an enormous pile of student professional presentations (and student publications too!) His research investigates questions related to: the influence of exercise on blood glucose regulation; exercise-induced muscle damage; and the study of factors related to the energy cost of running.

Dr. Sam Forlenza, + " " + Assistant Professor

Dr. Sam Forlenza, Assistant Professor

Office: HG 107B; Email: stforlenza@ship.edu; Phone: 717.477.1713

Dr. Forlenza earned his PhD from Michigan State University studying Psychosocial Aspects of Sport and Physical Activity. In other words, Dr. Forlenza focuses on the fields of sport and exercise psychology, which collectively explore mental preparation for sport and exercise performance and the mental benefits of participation. He has studied using group dynamics principles with exergames, though he is also interested in imagery use and students’ perceptions of older adults’ fitness. Dr. Forlenza also teaches courses in research design and stress management.

Dr. Ben Meyer,  + " " + Assistant Professor

Dr. Ben Meyer, Assistant Professor

Office: HG 107D; Email: bwmeyer@ship.edu; Phone: 717.477.1330

Dr. Ben Meyer earned his BS in Kinesiology at the University of Minnesota, and his MS and PhD in Human Performance at Indiana University. He is a specialist in the analysis of sports skills, focusing on weight training and track & field. Dr. Meyer also has expertise in the assessment of skilled performance with an emphasis on the measurement of error. Dr. Meyer teaches courses in Methods of Coaching, Mechanical Analysis of Sports Skills, Motor Behavior, and Lifestyle Management. He was recently recognized for his contributions as a mentor to Shippensburg University student-athletes.

Dr. Russell Robinson,  + " " + Associate Professor

Dr. Russell Robinson, Associate Professor

Office: HG 107E; Email: rerobi@ship.edu; Phone: 717.477.1155

Dr. Russell Robinson earned his PhD from Texas Woman’s University while studying Exercise Science with a specialization in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics. He is primarily a generalist in the area of Exercise Science with a focus on the applied side of the field, particularly on exercise and activity program development. He previously served as Department Chair for 11 years and now teaches courses in Applied Kinesiology, Exercise Testing and Prescription, and Lifestyle Management.

Dr. Joohee Sanders,  + " " + Associate Professor

Dr. Joohee Sanders, Associate Professor

Office: HG 107C; Email: jisanders@ship.edu; Phone: 717.477.1378

Dr. Joohee Im Sanders earned her PhD in Kinesiology from Temple University with a focus on muscle metabolism. After obtaining her MS in Exercise Science at Bloomsburg University, she was a sport physiology coordinator at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid. During her tenure, she developed an interest in O2 kinetics and metabolic function using near-infrared spectroscopy. Her research continued at the University of Pennsylvania where she studied mitochondrial function and blood flow of muscle tissue in both healthy and diseased populations. Dr. Sanders has actively engaged undergraduate students in this area of research. She also teaches courses in cardiac rehabilitation and special population and research design.

Mr. Kirk Ream,  + " " + CSCS, Instructor

Mr. Kirk Ream, CSCS, Instructor

Office: GH 202; Email: ktream@ship.edu; Phone: 717.477.1361


Mr. Nikolas Rosenberry, CSCS,  + " " + Instructor

Mr. Nikolas Rosenberry, CSCS, Instructor

Office: GH 202; Email: NCRosenberry@ship.edu; Phone: 717.477.1361