Internship Requirements

Each Fall semester, the Exercise Science Department will host an informational meeting where faculty will explain what you need to do to schedule and complete an internship. Attendance at this meeting is mandatory if you are planning to complete your internship in the upcoming calendar year, in the Spring, Summer, or following Fall semesters. You will be notified about this meeting via email. If you have questions about setting up an internship, please speak with your academic advisor.

Prospective or current students seeking general information about internships along with example experiences should view the Student Internships page.


The following forms will be handed out at the meeting, though you are welcome to download them ahead of time:


In order to complete an internship, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Exercise Science major
  • Overall GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • All Exercise Science major courses completed with a grade of C or higher
  • Completed all academic, certification, clearance, and insurance requirements
  • Site approval by the Exercise Science Department

Paperwork Requirements

Prior to scheduling an internship, students must submit all of the required paperwork to the Internship Items mailbox in the department office.

Academic requirements ensure students are prepared professionally and ethically, and include:

  1. Internship Application and Placement Form
  2. Resume (current)
  3. Internship Student Contract

Clearance requirements ensure students are able to work in a variety of settings, and include:

  1. Criminal Record Check (apply online here)
  2. Child Abuse History (apply online here)
  3. Tuberculosis (TB) Testing (schedule appointment here)
  4. FBI Fingerprinting (optional – depends on site) (apply online here)

Certification requirements ensure students are able to help should an emergency arise. Both of these certifications are completed as part of ESC 340: Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries. If completing the certifications on your own, the courses must have a hands-on component.

  1. CPR/AED Certification
  2. First Aid Certification

Liability insurance ensures students are covered financially should significant issues arise. Affordable insurance options can be purchased through the following organizations:

Internship Hours Requirement

Overall, students must complete 3 clock hours for each declared credit per week for approximately 12 weeks during the semester. Your site will determine the weekly scheduling of hours, but the total number of hours must comply with the following:

  • 6 credit internships: 18 hours/week for a total of 216 hours/semester
  • 9 credit internships: 27 hours/week for a total of 324 hours/semester
  • 12 credit internships: 36 hours/week for a total of 432 hours/semester

Grading and Assignments

Internships are graded in a Pass/Fail format by your academic advisor. A grade of C or better is necessary to earn a Pass. Grades are determined based on your performance of the following assignments:

  1. Daily Journal/Log
  2. Case Study or Research Paper
  3. Academic Advisor Site Visit/Contact
  4. Intern Evaluation (completed by site supervisor)
  5. Internship Site Evaluation (completed by intern)

In addition to the above requirements, academic advisors may provide additional assignments, such as weekly group discussions, presentations, reflective essays, book reviews, or other assignments.