Honors in Psychology (48 crs.)

Honors in Psychology Program:

Psychology majors may choose to complete their department degree requirements with an honors designation. This is an excellent opportunity for good students to gain valuable expertise. Completion of Honors in Psychology demonstrates to graduate program admissions committees and future employers that you have special experience, motivation, and ability to succeed in the field of psychology. If you meet the criteria for participation and you are a dedicated student of psychology, you are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity.  

The Honors in Psychology Program is open to psychology majors who have and maintain a 3.8 QPA overall. Students in their second semester (freshmen class) and beyond (up to and including first semester juniors) who meet this requirement will be invited to participate. If you are a transfer student who would like to participate or if you believe you are qualified and were not asked, please contact the department. 

​Honors in Psychology Requirements:

  1. Honors students must earn their 15 Knowledge Base credits from some combination of 300-level courses, 400-level courses, and/or honors credit in 200-level courses.
  2. Students must earn nine credits from the following: PSY379 Capstone Seminar in Psychology, PSY381 Honors Thesis I, and PSY382 Honors Thesis II.
  3. Honors students must also earn 6 hours of honors credit from some combination of 300-level and 400-level courses (beyond those used to satisfy Knowledge Base, Skills/Careers, and Social Awareness requirements).  With departmental permission, 500-level graduate courses can be taken to fulfill the requirements for these 6 credits.

Honors in Psychology Forms: