SPH 219                    

Dr. Andrea Malmont

Assistant Professor

Ed. D. Duquesne University
M.S. University of Great Falls
B.S. University of Great Falls

TCH 346 Teaching Science in the Elementary School 
TCH 205 American School 
TCH 321 Language and Reading in the Elementary School 
RGD 050 Developmental Reading and Study Skills 
TCH 250 Elements of Instruction 
TCH 206 Social Foundations in Middle Level Education 
TCH 260 Educational Psychology 
TCH 600 Elements of Research 
TCH 511 Elementary Curriculum and Assessment 
TCH 524 Middle School Curriculum and Assessment 
TCH 502 Strategies for Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving 
TCH 490 Selected Topics in Education- Newspaper in Education 
TCH 490 Selected Topics in Education- Best Practices: A Focus on Learning 
EDU 495 Student Teaching Professional Practice 
ECH 373 Science and Technology Methods Prek-4 
TCH 609 Action Research and Internship