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DobbsAaron Dobbs
Assistant Professor
Systems & Electronic Resources / Web Librarian
Office: LL118
Phone: 717-477-1018
AIM: AaronLibrarian
Y!M: AaronTheLibrarian

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Citation Formatting

Quick Guides by Dr. Cook

Online Citation Tools

These programs allow you to electronically format your sources and create a bibliography that can be downloaded directly into your paper.

Source Aid

SourceAid’s Citation Builder formats your bibliography in MLA, APA, CMS & CSE styles. You can also save your work for later editing or addition.

Citation Machine

Citation Machine generates works cited entries in MLA and APA formats which are able to be copied and pasted into a word document.


We subscribe to this service! RefWorks is a web-based bibliographic software package that enables you to:

  • Organize your research
  • Include citations while you write your paper
  • Build a bibliography in a variety of style formats (MLA, APA, Chicago)
  • Import references from many data sources (Databases, Catalog
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MKT305 - Principles of Marketing - Dr. Chang

Familiarize yourself with the latest developments, issues, and/or events in the field of marketing.
Research Resources:
These resources provide information on countries, markets, companies, and consumers. Database contents may help with marketing planning, lifestyle profiling, market performance analysis and strategic forecasting.
  • Find current events, problems, opportunities, and competitive forces as well as economic, political, and social environment. Also find specific problems in periodical or newspaper indexes.
    1. In Business Source Premier (BSI)
      1. Search for Marketing
      2. Use left column items to focus search
      3. Limit within results by publication type
      4. Note SWOT analyses are available
    2. In ABI/Inform Trade and Industry
      1. Switch to the "topics" tab
      2. Enter marketing
      3. Select a relevant topic from the list
      4. Use "Narrow your search by" feature to target result set
    3. In Mergent Online
      1. Select a company identifier or industry classification
      2. Check the boxes to expand to private companies or limit to US exchanges only
      3. Use the tabs at the top to select the year of information you want
      4. Use the options in the green header bar to focus on available information
    4. In Lexis-Nexis Academic (after focusing your search in the previous resources)
      1. Under General - Easy Search: Select various news sources
      2. Run a search
        (use the most specific terms you find in the above resources - this database will return an error if the search retrieves more than 3000 results)
      1. Select News
      2. Select your Sources
      3. Run Search
        (same caveat as above)
    5. Annual Reviews
      1. Click the Search button
      2. Enter marketing and other terms related to your search (3000+ hits for just "Marketing")
      3. Use the Search Tips to better understand how to focus your search
    6. See if the library has access to a particular periodical:
    7. Formatting those pesky references:
    8. Keeping track of your sources and help with citing your sources in your paper:

Note that Google News will have up-to-the-minute news and events information; but, you should carefully evaluate the sources you find and check some of the resources discussed above for confirmation and additional background. Google Scholar is another source you might use to narrow your topic; if you use Google Scholar from on-campus you will automatically have access to library resources when they are available in your results set. If you use Google Scholar from off-campus, you should select Shippensburg University within the library links section in Scholar preferences to access these resources.