Spring 2015 events

February 20: Spring reception. Please click here for details. 

May 13: 2015 Spring Retreat. Please click here to save the date. 


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Contact Us

Communications Coordinator
Dina Banerjee, dbanerjee@ship.edu 

Student Emergency Fund Chair
Dr. Barbara Denison at 717-477-1257 or bjdeni@ship.edu  

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Shippensburg University Women’s Consortium


We are a community at Shippensburg University, within the PASSHE Women’s Consortium, who envisions change and acts in the interests of women.

2013-14 Shippensburg University Women’s Consortium Officers

  • Dr. Liz Fisher, President
  • Ms. Jen Hahn, Vice President
  • Dr. Corrine Bertram, Secretary
  • Dr. Barbara Denison, Treasurer 
  • Dr. Dina Banerjee, Communications Coordinator
  • Ms. Stephanie Erdice, Women's Center Director
  • Dr. Rebecca Ward, Women's & Gender Studies Director

Student Emergency Fund

  • Chair Dr. Barbara Denison 
    The Student Emergency Fund was established by the Women’s Consortium in 2006. This fund provides for small amounts of money for students who are experiencing serious difficulties that may prevent them from meeting their basic daily needs. For more information about the fund contact Dr. Barbara Denison at 717.477.1257 or bjdeni@ship.edu .


Please stay tuned for information about the fall reception and upcoming fall semester events.
We look forward to seeing you soon!