Welcome Parents!

The Academic Success Program strongly encourages parents to develop a transparent relationship with their students with regard to academic and transitional progress to the university.  We value having a transparent process with students and parents as well.

When to contact ASP

As a parent, you should contact ASP when you are concerned about:

  • the academic well-being of your student
  • your student’s campus engagement (academic or non-academic)

If you are concerned about the physical or psychological well-being of your student we encourage you to contact University Police (717) 477-1444 or the Dean of Students Office (717) 477-1164.

General Information For Parents

  • Encourage your student to become involved in campus activities to make friends.

  • Encourage your student to stay at Shippensburg some weekends so that they can get a better feel for college.

  • Encourage your student to talk to the professors for their classes, especially if they have questions and/or concerns.

  • Do not push your student to major in something that they are not interested in.

  • Understand that your student will be busy with classes, homework, developing a social network, etc. and he/she may not be available every time you want to talk to him/her.

  • Learn about campus resources (ASP Counselor, Library, computer labs, tutoring in the Learning Center, Career Development Center, Counseling Center, Financial Aid Office, Registrar’s Office, The Office of Disability Services, etc.) and encourage your student to utilize them, if needed.

  • Do not put added pressure on your student to do well in college.  It can be a stressful time, especially for freshmen who are adjusting to college and being away from home.  Allow your student to talk about his/her difficulties and provide your student with support.