About PALS Members

What does PALS stand for? Promoting Access through Leadership at Ship.

The PALS program was designed to help increase diversity at Shippensburg University.  Several students want to know what it is like to be a multicultural student in central PA.  The PALS program links current Ship multicultural students with prospective multicultural students for a variety of on campus events.  Not only will you meet current Ship students you will make everlasting friendships.  Several current members participated in the PALS program as prospective high school students and enjoy helping other students to make one of the hardest decisions.

PALS Goals: 

  • To increase diversity and multiculturalism at Shippensburg University.
  • To encourage current students to become successful student leaders and role models.
  • To provide students of color with a sense of ownership of the university.
  • To provide an outlet for students to voice their concerns and the concerns of incoming students.