Student Ambassadors' Handbook

University Relations and Shippensburg University would like to welcome you as a new member of the Student Alumni Ambassador Organization. We appreciate the commitment you have made and assure you it will be a beneficial one.

This member handbook is meant to introduce you to the activities and events that you will be involved with, as well as serve as a reference tool when you have questions.

Ambassador Responsibilities

  • SU Student Alumni Ambassadors are an elite group of individuals who serve the university as official hosts and hostesses.
  • They reacquaint the alumni and introduce new students to the campus life of Shippensburg University.
  • Ambassadors act as representatives to the university's special guests at presidential events, alumni gatherings, and admission functions, as well as various other special events.

Annual events include:

  • Open Houses
  • Homecoming
  • May and December Commencement
  • Annual Scholarship Dinner
  • Student Awards Banquet
  • Chamber Office Awards Dinner
  • Martin Luther King Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Gospel Concert
  • Foundation's President's Dinner
  • Senior Send-Off
  • SU Home Football Games
  • Children's Fair
  • Mandatory events include:
  • Homecoming

Miscellaneous events may include:

  • Fashion Archives Silent Auction
  • Special Guest Speaker Events
  • Martin House Receptions
  • Special Campus Events

Ambassador Meetings :

Ambassador meetings are held once a month throughout the semester, depending on schedules. All meetings are held at the alumni house unless otherwise specified.

Attendance at meetings is required to keep up to date with events, social gatherings, and relevant information concerning the ambassador organization. The appointed secretary will take roll call at each meeting and this will be considered when events are totaled at the completion of each semester.

Minutes from each meeting are sent out after every meeting. This does not give you permission to skip meetings. The minutes serve as a reference and reminder of the next meeting date.

The Executive Council

I. The Executive Council shall consist of:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Historian
  • Activities Coordinator

II. Election

  • Officers are elected during the spring semester of each academic year.
  • Candidates are nominated by the membership at a specially designated meeting.
  • A majority vote of the membership will determine the elected officers.

III. Officer Responsibilities


  • Assembles an agenda and presides over meetings.
  • Serves as a liaison between the general membership and the advisor.

Vice President

  • Assists the president in his/her duties and fulfills those duties in the president's absence.
  • Oversees adequate coverage for events.
  • Manages the calling tree.


  • Composes the meeting minutes mailed to each member following each meeting.
  • Takes roll call at the meetings.


  • Takes pictures or assigns a photographer to major events/social events.
  • Manages the ambassador scrapbook to be housed at the Alumni House.

Activities Coordinator

  • Coordinates social events for the group
  • Recruitment (i.e., poster distribution on campus)

Group Social Events


Social gatherings at the Alumni House and group activities at various locations. We actively have socials throughout the year to thank our ambassadors for the events that they have participated in.


An annual ambassador retreat is held at the beginning of the fall semester. The retreat is an introduction to the ambassador organization and an opportunity to get to know your fellow members. It also familiarizes ambassadors with the events and expectations for the year.


Annual Ambassadors District II Conference. Conference is held at a District II university/college. Three-day weekend of socializing, games, networking, and learning.

In past years, the ambassador conference has been held at such schools as: Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Brock University in St.Catherines, Ontario, Canada, Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania, Shippensburg University, and William Patterson in New Jersey.

Some common workshop topics that are typically offered as a part of this conference are: Team-Building, Hosting a Conference, Recruitment, Socials, Leadership, and Effective Communication. This conference is considered a school function and is cost free for students. All room and board and meals will be covered. We strongly encourage that ambassadors take advantage of this opportunity.

Dress Codes and Responsibilities

* Rugby's and short sleeve shirts will be provided for Ambassadors at the beginning of the semester to keep for their duration as an Ambassador. Blazers will also be provided, but MUST be returned to the Alumni Office at the end of the school year in May in order to have the blazers dry cleaned and ready for the next school year. Please be aware that you are representing Shippensburg University, which means be mindful of your attire. It is not appropriate to wear clothing that is too short, too tight, or stained.


Dress code - Blazers, khakis, name tag

Time of arrival will be known when you sign up for the event. Arrive on time and meet with the contact person. The contact person will assign you to the duties that he or she will want you to do. This could be greeting guests as they enter the building, answering questions that guests may have, or showing them to assigned seats.


Dress code - Blazers, khakis, name tag

Arrive to event at the time that was assigned. Meet with contact person to find what your obligations are for that event. Some duties include: looking over reserved areas, greeting guests in the lobby as they arrive, or handing out programs.

Football Games

Dress code- Rugby's or short sleeve shirt, khakis, name tag

Arrive at Foundation Tent at 11:45am. and no later. Eat lunch with the Foundation and be familiar with the people attending the tailgate at the tent so you are aware of those individuals sitting in the reserved seats. By 12:15 pm. leave Foundation Tent and head to the football game. When arriving at the football game, find Herb Bowers, who is responsible for the programs and take them to the reserved seating area. Watch over the seats so only appointed guests sit in them. Every Foundation member should receive a complimentary program. Make sure that the first seat in the president's section is reserved only for the president. You may leave after the kickoff of the game.


Dress code- Rugby's, khakis, name tag

Homecoming is our largest event all year so we need 100% participation from the group. There will be sign-ups for different times and different events going on throughout the day, such as registration of alumni, and face painting at the children's booth. Sign up for the time and events that you know that you will be able to attend. Homecoming is a mandatory event. Everyone must be there.


Dress code- Blazer, khakis, name tag

Graduation is held in both December and May. Ambassadors are needed to help seat or take tickets and answer questions from the graduates' family and friends. Be aware of the plan set for inclement weather and plan accordingly.

Added Events

There may be added events that come up during the semester at short notice. Each ambassador will be notified via email and/or phone chain. If you need further information concerning a certain event, please contact the graduate assistant at University Relations for further clarification.

* Note:
At all events, please arrive on time. We do not tolerate tardiness. Come to events with an enthusiastic and friendly attitude. Know what the agenda will be for the event in case anyone has any questions. If you cannot make an event after you have signed up for it, you must find a replacement. It is your responsibility to find a replacement. Please inform the graduate assistant of the conflict. After the graduate assistant is aware of the problem, go through the phone list. Then contact the graduate assistant to indicate whether a replacement was found. Please make every effort to find a replacement due to the nature of the events student ambassadors cover.