19th Annual Accounting Etiquette Dinner

On Monday, March 4, 2013 The Shippensburg University Accounting Club along with the university chapter of the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) hosted their 19th Annual Etiquette Dinner. The dinner featured guest speakers Lynne and John Breil of The Professional Edge. The objective of the dinner is to help students, faculty, and staff gain an understanding of how to properly dine at a job interview or in other professional settings. The Breils presented the proper way to dine from using the overwhelming arsenal of silverware that can accompany a professional dinner, all the way through to where your napkin should be placed when the meal is concluded. Additional highlights from the dinner include an opportunity to eat foods that ordinarily should not be ordered in a professional setting, such as French onion soup or spaghetti, as well as an opportunity for students test their skills with chopsticks and gain an understanding of how a dining experience may be different when traveling abroad.

Along with an opportunity to learn professional dinning etiquette the dinner presented an excellent chance for students to network as multiple public accounting firms were in attendance. Special thanks are necessary for the following firms:

PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
ParenteBeard, LLC
SF & Company
Reinsel Kuntz Lesher
Smith Elliott Kearns & Company
Squire Lemkin & Company
Boyer & Ritter
Ernst & Young, LLP
Rager, Lehman & Houck
Rotz & Stonesifer
McKonly & Asbury, LLP

Accounting Club Advisors

Dr. Mary Myers & Dr. Scott Cairns


Accounting Club Officers

President – Michael Pavusik
Vice President – Ryan Schweikert
Treasurer – Kayla Arigo
Membership Director – Zach Artz
Secretary – Ashley Elder
Web Master – Nicholas Spinelle


Accounting Club Officers

President – Zach Artz
Vice President – Kenny McHugh
Treasurer – Tyler Lucchese
Membership Director –Justin Peterman
Secretary – Jessica Hughes
Web Master – Josue Santoyo


NABA Officers

President – Phil Cobb
Vice President – Julius Dobson
Treasurer – Marquita Johnson
Screps Chair – Idris Coleman
Secretary – Jonnay Triplin

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