Online Resources for Locating Internships

Looking for an Internship? There are many different ways of going about your search. We have compiled resources for you to start to locate the type of internship that you may be interested in. Please feel free to visits these websites for ideas and possible opportunities.

Great Internship and Job finding tips:

1) How to Youtube guides on various subjects:

2) Career Advice and Personal Development by Open Colleges Blog:

3) Job Networking Tips:

Online Resources for Locating Internships:

Internqube websites for locating jobs and internships:

College internship programs:

Guide to Finding College Internships:

Disney College Program:





Fortune 500 Companies Internships:

What is it like to intern at fortune 500 company?

ESPN: New York City, NY; Bristol, CT; Charlotte, NC; Orlando, FL; Miami, FL; Chicago, IL; Austin, TX; Los Angeles, CA; Seattle, WA)



Northwestern Mutual:


Hershey Entertainment and Resorts:

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Online Job Search Services:

America’s Job Bank:

Career Builder:

Career Net:

Equal Opportunity Publications:

Hire Wire:

Hot Jobs:

Job Direct:

Job Hunt:


The Monster Board:

Nation Job Bank:

National Career Search Center Magazine:

Yahoo! Classifieds:

International Internship Websites:

Shippensburg University International Internship assistance:

American Institute of Foreign Study:

Association for International Practical Training:

CDS International, Inc.:

Center for Cultural Exchange:

Center for International Educational Exchange:

International Association of Students in Economics and Commerce:

Institute of International Education:

Additional sites of interest:

Dream Careers – Global Internship Programs:

Internship Programs:



Fastweb – Exciting Summer Jobs for College Students and Grad Students:

ISA/ELAP(Studies Abroad and Internships) :

Wet Feet:

Internships in Government/Washington, DC:

Washington Internships:

FBI Honors Internship Program:

Washington Internship Institute:

Presidential Management Intern Program:

Library of Congress Intern Program:

Federal Government:

Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers:

Department of State: program and Professional Fellowships)

The Washington Center:

State Government:

Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education: THIS -

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture:

Internship Search Engines for Pennsylvania:

Pennsylvania Internships Jobs:

Paid Internships in PA:

Business Internships in PA:


Photography Internships in Pennsylvania:

Public/Human Service Internships:

Habitat for Humanity:


Volunteers for Peace:

AmeriCorps VISTA Program:

Internships in Youth Development:


CIRRUS (chemistry):

Environmental Internships:

National Science Foundation:

American Institute of Physics:

Entertainment and Communication:

WNBC Internship Program:

National Public Radio:

Public Relations Student Society of America:


Top 30 Internships in Healthcare Management:

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