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  • The college welcomes Dr. James Delle as Associate Dean
  • The college welcomes Angela Noreika as the new clerk typist
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Podium ImageGeneral Education Requirements

Shippensburg University provides students with a general education that prepares them not only for their classes within their majors but most importantly with "an awareness and understanding of the principles and intellectual skills associated with the disciplines contained in each category which are necessary for a comprehensive education and for a well-educated individual."  Students are first required to fulfill four basic skills.  These skills are fluency in speaking, fluency in writing, competency in mathematics and cultural awareness through historical perspective.  To achieve these basic skills, undergraduates are required to take five courses for a total of 15 credit hours in the following areas:

Writing Competency (ENG 106 or 110), Communications (HCS 100), Math Competency (see the undergraduate catalog or your advisor for specific math courses for your major), and HIS 105 and 106.

The following are five categories of knowledge in which undergraduates must complete a total of eleven courses for a total of 33 credit hours. Students may select which courses they want to take in each category, but may not take two courses within the same discipline. (i.e. May not take two chemistry courses, but can take one chemistry course and two other courses from two different disciplines)






**For more information on university policies and procedures, undergraduate degrees, programs, and academic requirements check out our the undergraduate catalog- Shippensburg University Undergraduate Catalog 2011-2013**