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The Advanced Leaders Institute (ALI) is a eight-week program designed to enhance the leadership capacities of established campus leaders. Membership is limited to Junior and Senior students. Topics this semester include mentorship, social change, motivation, a service-learning project, and more. Be a part of the next cohort of Advanced Leaders at Shippensburg University!
When and where is the Advanced Leaders Institute?
Fall or Spring Semester. Location is TBD. Announcement with further information will be released before accepting applicants.
What are the qualifications?
Membership is limited to Junior and Senior students. Sophomore students who previously completed the Emerging Leaders Institute are also invited to apply. All interested students must send the attached information to Ashley White in order to be considered for membership in this year’s cohort.
Do I have to attend all the sessions?
Attendance at all of the sessions is vital to successfully completing the Advanced Leaders Institute. As a result, all members of the institute are expected to attend all sessions, including the service-learning project, and read the assigned leadership materials.
How is the Advanced Leaders Institute different from the Emerging Leaders Institute?
The Advanced Leaders Institute seeks to enhance the skills of student leaders beyond introductory level topics, and addresses advanced leadership concepts such as social change, transformational leadership, empowerment, and mentorship.
How will the completion of the Advanced Leaders Institute benefit me?
The institute will provide you with additional training & resources for your current or future leadership positions, an opportunity to network with campus and community members, and allows you to enhance your leadership capacities beyond a surface understanding of leadership topics. Everyone who successfully completes the institute will be certified as a student leader and will be recognized at the annual Campus Life Awards Program in the Spring semester.
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