Undergraduate Research

The Department of Exercise Science is a leader in promoting undergraduate student research. Through coursework, students are taught “how” to do things, but are also encouraged to ask questions about problems they encounter during their experiences in physical activity, exercise, and sports. In introductory courses, students connect their experiences and interests to course content in a variety of domains such as exercise physiology, nutrition, motor behavior, biomechanics, exercise psychology, etc. After completing most of their major coursework, students take Research Design and Statistics as part of their capstone experience, where they develop research hypotheses about topics of interest to them, and then conduct research projects by gathering data and analyzing results. Exercise Science students often conduct experimental research (where they can manipulate treatments to cause certain hypothesized outcomes to happen) and faculty mentor students through this process. By conducting research projects, students gain a better understanding of “why” something should be done in addition to “how” to do it.

We invest a tremendous amount of effort to support our students’ research projects.  Students are encouraged to pursue funding for their projects from sources within Shippensburg University, including various grant programs. Outcomes of these efforts are seen each year at the Minds @ Workconference, which celebrates student research, scholarship, and creativity. Exercise Science students are also able to present their work at regional and national conferences and to publish in the Keystone Journal for Undergraduate Research. Finally, students are encouraged to pursue professional development activities by taking advantage of opportunities to attend annual regional conferences, such as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine Conference (MARC-ACSM) or the Northeast Atlantic Sport Psychology Conference (NASP).

Student Research Projects

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