Spring 1997 Flood Photos

97 Flood 1
This view is located directly across from the foot bridge, on the campus side of Burd Run. The original stream is located over by the trees in the center of the picture. The student in the picture shows the depth of the water.

97 Flood 2
This photo shows a pavilion that is immersed by water. This view is located on the east bank of Burd Run about 50 ft. down from the bridge located near Fogelsanger Road.

97 Flood 3
This picture is taken on the small bridge located on the east side of Shippensburg University, near Fogelsanger Road. This view looks downstream.

97 Flood 4
This picture is taken from the same spot as the one above. The bridge has been moderately damaged by the flood.

97 Flood 5
This view is located in the field which is located by the storage parking lot. The picture is looking upstream and the entire field is covered in approximately 6" of water.

97 Flood 6
This picture was taken from the same spot as the previous one. In this photo we are looking downstream as the stream travels north. Notice the width of the stream.

97 Flood 7
This shot was taken in the corner of the field before the stream enters a pasture off of the University's property. The water is spilling out of the stream and into the field.

97 Flood 8
Within this view we can see the small footbridge that was being overrun by water. In the background is the pavilion.

97 Flood 9
This shot was taken from the field looking west towards the Seth Grove Stadium. It shows how close the water came to the top of the storage parking lot.

97 Flood 10

97 Flood 11
This photo was taken from the northeast corner of storage parking. The water had entered the parking lot and almost reached the bottoms of some of the cars

97 Flood 12
This photo was taken from the same spot as the previous picture, but it look upstream. This picture shows a wider range of water overflowing the banks.


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