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Geography & Earth Science Department
104 Shearer Hall
1871 Old Main Dr.
Shippensburg, PA 17257

Phone: 717-477-1685
Fax: 717-477-4029
Email: geog@ship.edu

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tfeeney Faculty ImageThomas Feeney

Associate Professor
Office: 106 Shearer Hall
Phone: 717-477-1297
Email: tpfeen@ship.edu
Weather Station: http://webspace.ship.edu/weather/


PhD, University of Georgia
MS, Western Kentucky University
BS, State University of New York - College at Oneonta


My activities remain split between teaching, research, and service duties. I typically teach a rotation of introductory geology, soils, hydrogeology, environmental geology and a graduate-level physical geology course. Periodically I teach courses in natural hazards and karst hydrology and geomorphology, and work independently with graduate students on studies that focus on natural water chemistry, and aspects of karst geomorphology and hydrology.

My research efforts concentrate on the physical hydrology and water chemistry of carbonate springs in the Cumberland Valley in south central PA. I have several In Situ® data loggers continuously collecting water level and specific conductance data at a number of springs in an effort to assess aquifer response, dissolved carbonate load, and denudation rates. I am also working on dye tracing groundwater flow paths with Dr. Todd Hurd in Ship’s Biology Department in an effort to define the drainage basins of the carbonate springs. On a more geomorphic side, I continue to categorize and map sinkhole collapses, as well as study topographic depressions and associated vernal ponds on the colluvial fringe along the Blue Ridge. I also remain engaged in my past research efforts of glaciated pavement karst landscapes farther to the north.

With respect to service, I am Chair of the Geography-Earth Science Department’s budget and facilities committee and I am Vice-Chair of the Shippensburg Borough Water Authority. The Authority serves roughly 16,000 people through 100 miles of distribution main. I also assist Dr. Tim Hawkins with operation of the University weather station which is a National Weather Service COOP site. The station is one of the oldest, continuous, sites in the state; a site where observations have been made daily since November 1932.

Teaching & Research Interests

  • Karst
  • Groundwater
  • Soils
  • Geomorphology
  • Physical Geography


GEO 224: Soils
GEO 403: Natural Hazards & Hostile Environments
GEO 524: The Geologic Environment
GEO 594 Limestone Environments
ESS 110: Introduction to Geology
ESS 442 Environmental Geology
ESS 490: Hydrogeology

Selected Publications

Feeney, T.P. “The Role of Alvar Hydrology and Soil Moisture Regime,” Chapter in Conserving Great Lakes Alvars: Final Technical Report of the International Alvar Conservation Initiative compiled by C.Reschke, R.Reid, J.Jones, T.Feeney, and H.Potter. The Nature Conservancy, Chicago, Illinois. March 1999. P. 75-86.

Railsback, L.B., P.A. Bouker, T.P. Feeney, E.A. Goddard, K.E. Goggin, A.S. Hall, B.P. Jackson, A.A. McLain, M.C. Orsega, M.A. Rafter, J.W. Webster "A Survey of the Major-Element Geochemistry of Georgia Groundwater." Southeastern Geology, Vol. 36, No. 3, p. 99-122. November 1996.

Feeney, T. P. "The Role of Grikes in Limestone Pavement Formation in Northern New York State, USA." in Karren Landforms, eds. J.J. Fornos and A. Gines. Universitat de les Illes Balears: Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Aug 1996. p. 53-62.

Brook, George A. and T.P. Feeney "Morphology and Denudation of Quartzite and Limestone Pavements in Southern Africa and North America: Are They Small-Scale Versions of Labyrinth Karst” in Karren Landforms, eds. J.J. Fornos and A. Gines. Universitat de les Illes Balears: Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Aug 1996. p. 25-39.

Leigh, David S. and T. P. Feeney "Paleochannels Indicating Wet Climate and Lack of Response to Lower Sea Level, Southeast Georgia." Geology, Vol. 23, No. 8, p. 687-690. August 1995.

Selected Presentations

Feeney, T.P. “Alaska’s ‘Great One’: Denali From Above and Below,” National Council for Geographic Education National Meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah. October 2003.

Feeney, T.P. “The Monday Morning Weather Quarterback: Examining Severe Storms After-the Fact” Pennsylvania Geographical Society Annual Meeting, Erie, PA. September 2003.

Feeney, T.P. “Topographic Depressions in a Pennsylvania Colluvial Apron: Is it Karst?” Association of American Geographers National Meeting, New Orleans, LA. March 2003.

Feeney, T.P. “Glacier Advance and Retreat in College Fjord, Alaska” National Council for Geographic Education National Meeting, Philladelphia, PA. October 2002.

Feeney, T.P. “The Roof of North America: Southeastern Alaska and Coastal British Columbia,” National Council for Geographic Education National Meeting, Vancouver, BC. August 2001.

Feeney, T.P. “Mapping of a Pinnacled Bedrock Surface,” Association of American Geographers National Meeting, New York, NY. March 2001.

Dee, Robin C. and Feeney, T.P. “Carbonate Water Chemistry of a Shallow Cave System in the Cumberland Valley, PA,” Association of American Geographers National Meeting, New York, NY. March 2001.

Feeney, T.P. “Alvar Grasslands in the Great Lakes Region,” National Council for Geographic Education National Meeting, Chicago, IL. August 2000.

Feeney, T.P., C. Reschke, J. Jones, “The Effect of Vehicle Ruts on Thin Alvar Grassland Soils: LaCloche Island, Ontario.” Association of American Geographers National Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA. April 2000.

Philpotts, A.E. and Feeney, T.P. “Visualization and Temporal Animation: The Drought of 1999.” Association of American Geographers National Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA. April 2000.

Feeney, T.P. “The Effect of Carbon Dioxide Variability on Chemical Sedimentation on Pavement Karst.” Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado. October 1999.

Feeney, T.P. and N.C. Crawford “Thornthwaite Water Balance Estimates of Evapotranspiration and Runoff From Karst.” Association of American Geographers National Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii. March 1999.

Feeney, T.P. “Glaciated Karst in Northern New York State: The Chaumont Barrens Preserve.” Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. October 1998.

Feeney, T.P. “The Evolution of Pavement Karst in Northwestern New York State.” Joint Meeting of Friends of Karst and the International Geological Correlation Program (IGCP) Project #379: Karst Processes and the Global Carbon Cycle, Bowling Green, Kentucky. September 1998.

Feeney, T.P. “Pavement Karst Denudation in Northwestern New York State.” Association of American Geographers National Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts. March 1998.

Feeney, T.P. “Defining The Source of Alvar Grassland Flooding: The Chaumont Barrens, New York.” Middle States Division of the Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Buffalo, New York. October 1997.

Funded & Ongoing Projects

• with Bruce Lindsey, USGS, Pennsylvania Department of Natural Resources Source Water Protection Grant: “Delineation and Source Water Protection of Shippensburg Borough Water Supply Wells.”

• with Alison E. Feeney, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Link-to-Learn. “GIS and Initial Statewide K-12 Teacher Training,” August 2002

• Shippensburg University Professional Development Committee. “Vernal Pond Soils and Hydrologic Fluctuation, Cumberland-Franklin Counties, PA.” Spring 2001.

Community and Professional Service

  • Shippensburg Borough Water Authority, member
  • National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE) Remote Sensing Task Force