Careers in Aging

There are more than 500 colleges and universities that offer more than 1,000 credit programs in aging.

  • Some students may choose aging as a specific area within one of the traditional disciplines or professions.
  • Others may choose a degree or major in gerontology or aging studies.
  • For some, continuing education with non-credit programs may be an option.

What Job & Career Opportunities are Available?

  • Administration
    - Aging Services
    - Human Resources
    - Volunteer

  • Financial and Legal Services
    - Career Planning
    - Fiduciary
    - Fraud Prevention

  • Fitness/Wellness
    - Fitness Trainer
    - Hydrotherapy
    - Wellness Coach

  • Healthcare
    - Art Therapy
    - Alternative Medicine
    - Aging-in-Place Specialist

  • And many more!

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