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Contact Information

Dr. Dara Bergel-Bourassa
Director, Gerontology Program
Office: Shippen Hall 325
(717) 477-1969

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Shippensburg Gerontological Organization

"The SGO is a volunteer club that serves older adults in the Shippensburg Community"

Current SGO Officers

President: Amy Percoskie

  • Junior in the Social Work Department and a Gerontology minor.
  • "As a gerontology minor, I intend on making older adults a large part of my career. Older adults are one of the most vulnerable populations and I am passionate about making the later years of an individuals life the best that they can be."

Vice President: Kendyl Marino

  • Junior in the Social Work Department and a Gerontology minor.
  • "I love working with older adults, and SGO gives me the opportunity to be connected to the seniors in the Shippensburg community!"

Secretary: Cassie Hoffman

  • Junior in the Social Work Department and a Gerontology minor.
  • "The reason why I became interested in SGO is because I wanted to get a hands on experience volunteering for the older population. I plan on becoming a social worker for the older adults and I thought this would be a good way to see if this is what I really want to do. It is nice to give back to the community and so I thought SGO would be a great organization to be apart of."

Treasurer: Kristen Beck

  • Junior in the Social Work Department and a Gerontology minor.
  • "I became interested in SGO because I love working with older adults and I plan on continuing to work with them in my future.

Volunteer Liasion: Leah Bailey

  • Senior in the Sociology Department and a Gerontology minor.
  • "I became involved with SGO because of the volunteer opportunities that we were able to be involved in."

Volunteer Liasion: Nikita Athia

  • Junior in the Psychology Department with a minor in Gerontology and I plan on being an occupational therapist.
  • "The reason I joined SGO was because of my interest in helping older adults. Also GRN101 really interested me in the study of aging adults."