Shippensburg Gerontological Organization

"The SGO is a volunteer club that serves older adults in the Shippensburg Community"

Current SGO Officers

President: Paige Bankhead-Lewis

- Junior in the Social Work Department with a Gerontology minor
- "I became interested in SGO because I am passionate about the older adult population. By joining SGO, I can become more knowledgeable about the population as well as experience more hands-on volunteer opportunities. When I graduate, I plan on starting a career with the elderly population and pursue my dreams of establishing my own nursing home. It is always a pleasure giving back to the community and making a difference."

Vice President: Brittany Morgan

- Senior in the Psychology Department with a Gerontology minor
- "I joined SGO because I plan to work as an Activities Director in a nursing home after college. I like to spend time with older adults in my free time and you can always learn something new from talking with them.

Secretary: Pricylla Derosier

- Senior in the Social Work Department
- "The reason why I became interested in SGO is because my friend Paige (the president of SGO) needed some students to join the club and also run for officer positions. I thought it would be great to help start up a gerontology club again, and learn more about the gerontology community. I like to be involved with school groups and also volunteer at different places so I can gain more knowledge and experience about the community."

Treasurer: Christianna Rudy